OT>looking for help/advice building web page

I want to publish everything about my battle with the Iowa DOT to a web page, including their illegal denial of my right to a hearing and all of their attempts to cover this up.

I then plan to take out some ads in major Iowa newspapers in the cycle classifieds to draw attention to it. There are a lot more people being hosed by the DOT out there as well as people who just won't like what's happening. I plan to give the DOT all the negative publicity I possibly can. I hope to really burn some butts! I am tired of being blown off!

I have Earthlink as my ISP and I get a couple free pages (don't know how much that translates to in actual space), but every time I spend tons of time typing everything in, I lose it when I click "finish"... Yes, I am very pc-dumb! I think I need to find a way to simply transfer word files and pics to the page so I don't keep losing everything.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a better way to do this? I know some of you guys are pc-geniuses...

If you have word 2000 you can easly setup the page as you want it then save as a web page. It is a good start if all you are doing is Text. If you want to place graphics into the page its a little tricky

But use word 2000 or better. If you do not have it there are freeware programs that are WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)

Let me know if word does not work I can show you some programs that will help

Changed my mind here are some very easy to use cheep programs


and this one is real easy to use also


and its free

THANKS E.G.O.!!!! :)

That looks like what I needed! I downloaded the free trial of coolpage and will play with that for a few days. I'll type real loud if I run into any problems... :D

Try an application called dreamweaver, its pretty cheap or you could probably find it on kazaa.

good luck

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