03/05 intake question

I know this isn't on the "current events" list but was hoping someone else had some experience with this and could share their experience. I did some searches but failed to uncover anything relative.

Yamaha updated the intake boot (from the airbox to the carb) on the 2005 YZ450F from the design used on the 03 & 04 models.

Question: did anyone have an 03 or 04 model who installed the new boot from the 05 and, if so, what difference did it make?

I now this is a reach, but I figured I wouldn't know unless I asked! :worthy:


None you could notice. Maybe with a dyno but seat of the pants I could not tell any difference.

The air boot was one element of a general tweaking of the entire intake tract. The port and combustion chamber were revised, also. Without all 3, the gains from any single element would be minimal, and as a set, it was a minor refinement anyway.

Thanks guys. :worthy:

I know Yamaha changed several items like gray mentioned in 05 in the intake/head but I had heard that the intake boot reportedly cleared up any funky carburetion issues from the previous design - hiccuping, stalling, etc.

I have a chance to pick up a nice, one-owner 03 and I definitely wouldn't be looking for more power, just smoother, cleaner jetting if available. It's been a number of years since I sold my last 03 so I couldn't remember anything specific about its tendencies at lower speeds. But if it had a habit of flaming out I hope I would remember it. :banana:

Maybe a WR450 stock exhaust cam :banana:


You remember you wanted a big ol' flywheel on your '03, right?


This one already has the GYTR FW on it but I always liked the real heavy weight from Steahly I had on one of my 03's. It was sooo much like an XR on steroids - very smooth and controllable but very strong - without all the extra weight! :banana:

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