Needle Definitions

I removed the needle in my carb and found the needle to be a OBDTM.

On TT you all describe needles as a "EMM" "EMN" or "DTM".

Do you all just drop the prefix "OB" and give the taper configuration? Or is there specific needles without the "OB" prefix?

OB I believe is a Yamaha designation meaning "steel" or something like that. If you buy an aftermarket needle (from Sudco for e.g.), it's labeled OC...which is actually brass (I believe).

Anyway, the important thing is the last 3 letters, as OB vs. OC doesnt make any difference whatsoever.

D-- is a WR needle with a 1 degree taper...E-- is a YZ needle with a 0.75 degree taper. -M- or -K-, etc. is the distance down the needle where the diameter is like 2.514mm or something like that. And --P or --N, etc. is the straight diameter of the needle.

Hope that helps!


Thanks Larry.

That is all I needed.


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