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Suspention lube

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I'm sure this subject has been asked befor.

Has anyone drilled and added grease nipples on the suspention pivots of their WR? If so did it

work alright ,did you have any problems?

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Taffy posted some pictures a while back of his former WR, and that clever dude had done it. Hopefully he'll see this post of yours and give us some details.

My kid's King Cobra came with "kevlar" swing arm bushings. It might be good for stopping bullets, but it is just junk plastic in that application. They were trashed in 3 weeks! $30 for new ones!? I then found some generic bronze bushings at the local tractor supply store that were very close to the right size. I installed them and a couple grease zerks along with one on the steering head and no more problems.

I definitely want to do it to my WR. The BEST way would be to drill/crossdrill some tiny passages through the bolt and put the zerk on the head, I think. As for the steering head, anyplace it won't interfere but can be accessed w/ the grease gun oughta do.

You would be amazed how much water you squeeze out when greasing after washing! :)


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