Fitting a YZ Fender to a 2006 WR

It all fits and is ready to bolt up, but was wondering who has done this and is running a light/plate holder on it?

I ask because on some bikes the weight of the light can make the fender bend on hitting a big bump and the number-plate/light unit gets eaten by the tyre.

Not a pretty site.

The YZ fender seems quite strong but definitely not as rigid as the WR original.

Is it likely to bend, do I need to fit a reinforcing strut of some kind?

Thanks as always for your feedback…


03-05 yz fenders fit with some trimming(no big deal)

i did have the baja designs led brakelight and license plate basically hung below the tip of the fender.....after awhile it seemed to droop a little and would shake at lower rpms'.

so i fabbed up an r1 light to fit and stuck the plate up against the back of the airbox. works great!

No problems so far....


I fitted the YZ fender – it all went on easily but the YZ does not have a water bottle and associated pipes:


So some holes had to be cut in the new one


And some heatproof tape added where it goes over the top of the silencer:


Once fitted it was fairly rigid but not as firm as the original so I added a strut:


Not pretty but its completely hidden under the mudguard

And now I’m happy!



To New:


- Steve

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