450 on ebay

these people and the seller must be on drugs 4500 for a 06 yz450f. it is brand new but come on. i cant believe people are that crazy for wanting to pay that kind of money for one.

06 yz450 on ebay

especially if a 08 is 3k........:worthy:

wishful thinking though......:banana:

Whats sad is that I still owe $4200 on my 06 damn interest

Brand new 08's are selling for just a little over 5k after rebates.

I've seen 08's for under $4500 OTD and 09's for under $5000 OTD (I'm sure this is with all dealer incentives included).

I've also seen 08 CRF450R's for under $4300 OTD.

Good time to be a buyer if you have cash in hand. :worthy:


09 for under $5,000? Please do tell

Yup it seems the white ones are goin really cheap. Hey, my 08 is on there and here for 3800. Low hours.

I'm about an hour from there, my wifes mother lives in Brookfield, I'll stop down there and check it out to see if it is for real or if there is some catch.

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