Stalls at low revs?

Having given up on the White Bross pro Meg (way too loud), I have connected my stock silencer to the Whitebross header pipe (with Vortip), and it seems to stall more at low revs, almost as though there is minimal power right at the bottom nd (although I don't notice any power issues). Anyone got any ideas?

Taffy, if you are still out there, was it you on the front grid at Liscombe Park?

I think your idle circuit is too rich. When I had my PA screw out to a 55 with the 35 PJ, I fouled plugs intermittently and had less power off the bottom. I turned the screw in to 1/4 turn out and the bottom end cleaned up considerably. Also, have you adjusted your fuel screw? Here's a write-up I did about fuel screw adjustment


Thanks for the advice on the idle circuit. Come to think of it, the smoke is a bit more noticeable, so running rich may be the issue. Not sure why this changes by mucking about with the exhaust, but will give it a go at the weekend.

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