White Bros Exhaust Experiment

OK...I refuse to surrender, I will NOT get rid of $600.00 worth of e-seires exhaust systems, but I am willing to spend a little more money to make things a little quieter...If I can.

I just ordered a quiet core, new packing and a turndown tip for my WR. If you believe WB propaganda the QC is supposed to bring it down about 5 db....I have seen guy's sound checked with the tund down vs the elipse ends with a difference of 1 to 2 db. Pointing the exhaust at the ground is supposed to help disperse and soak up the noise better than just kicking it straight out. I know my buddies bike seems much quieter this way....

So...Some of you old timers that have been this route....input please...


Bonzai :)


I got my WB r4 down from 107 to 98db

I can share this info with you for a measly sum

So here is the link


It can be done...

I have been riding it like this for some time. I have noticed one thing, it sounds now like I have a cam in the bike and the low end grunt is spooky some times. It did move the power band down low some, the WB i here is more of a mid to top pipe

With out the last item secret I am still tested just under 98

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I too forced myself to order the Quiet Core for my E Series. It was just way too loud :)

I do not have actual numbers on how much the dec. went down. I am now able to speak/hear someone next to me.

I was not able to feel any loss of power, but we were mostly in 1 & 2 gear trails. I also went back to 12 disc's.

BTW the core was different than the picture shown in the catalog. I even thought they sent the wrong one but the install was clean and simple.

So Bonzai, you must have finally failed the dreaded " sound check" at Kentuck, Huh? I remember you were the one that voted for open header pipe............. :)

Nope....They don't mess with the regualar's....Only part time riders...so be careful out there.

I just want to have my act together just in case they start doing sound tests at the GNCC's, or this years Harescrambles starting this month. the meter is always there on the table but I have not been tested yet.....but, I figure it's only a matter of time before that left coast nonsense reaches us anyway.

Bonzai :)

Try a repack with stainless steel wool. I bought it from Car McMaster ( Ind. supplier ) Pick up the fine grade and make sure that you do not wrap too tight. You will want some give to it like a spongy feel. It made a huge difference on mine even with 12 dics. The original glass was completely burned out however.

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