Best way to flush an oil system?

Valves broke on my 426 and took out a list of parts, pulled oil filter and it was full of shavings.

How do I make sure all of these shaving are out? I tryed flushing the crankcase out with diesel fuel. Will this be good or what else should I do? Thanks for any help

the best way would be dissasembling the engine, im sure the pickup screen has alot of metal stuck in it

Any other way besides compleat tear down?

Any other way besides compleat tear down?

Nope. Why would you want to risk it?

Consider that flushing an oil system necessarily involves pumping whatever it is you want out of it through it several times in order to get rid of it. It depends on what the situation is, and what you're trying to accomplish, exactly as to whether it's advisable or not.

I just dont want to wipe out any other parts after i put it back togethere. I dont really have the time or money or space to tear the whole motor down. I rinsed out the crank case with diesel with and with out the drain plug in many time, abput 3 gallons weather.

After I start it for the first time should I quickly shut it off and change the oil and filter again?

Should I rinse the tank in the frame out?

Any other way besides compleat tear down?

There is no other way. The enigne needs to to completely torn down for proper repair or it's just going to explode again.

i had same thing and 3 tanks after new top end the rear wheel locked ones again, but this time it was nedded top and bottom.

It's really not a big deal to pull the motor and split the cases. It can be done in 4 to 6 hours.

When my bike stripped 3rd gear the metal pieces scored the oil pump.

so how far apart do i need to take it? split the case's and clean/inspect everything? What kind of tools will i need? I have a repair manual that should help me thru it. any kind of help would be awsome.

This is on a 2 stroke but there isn't too much difference, same concept just a couple more parts in the 4 stroke but check out this vid and others on there. It will give you an idea about it. There are 3 parts to this tutorial

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