Yamaha woodruff key Service Bulletin, finally!

I asked them if they could order the pars in advance, they said no. I'm still waiting on a call back from the parts Mgr. Don't get me wrong guys. I have no animosity towards Yamaha. I've been a little partial to them since my first mini enduro as a tot. I think it's more dissapointment more than actual resentment. I'd really like to see them get this cleared up. It's starting to spread through the moto-media and it needs to be addressed before the die hards from the other camps start using this bike as the butt of their jokes. How many people do you know that will admit to owning a TM without a half grin on their face? :)

Wonder why? :) The total parts cost is like $15 for the stuff they would have to order.

As I stated before, I've spent alot of money at this shop. I have several orders through them right now. I've sent alot of business their way. I undestand not wanting to get stiffed for the parts, but it's a mandatory repair, and you would think they could make an exception for a good customer. I honestly beleive that this problem is being exacerbated by some of the dealerships. I will reserve judjment on mine untill I actually get the repair done. I"ve ridden my bike very little and from what I can tell, it rips. I can't wait to get it on the trail. :)

I asked them if they could order the pars in advance, they said no. I'm still waiting on a call back from the parts Mgr.

Bastards! Of course they can:

My dealer had already ordered the key, flywheel puller and gasket according to the Service Bulletin way before my WR450F did arrive in the crate. The part numbers are given in the Bulletin hence he can order them whenever he wants.

Being very itchy about receiving my bike i gave him a hard time by frequently bugging him via phone asking whether the bike has already arrived and if he would be so kind and lap the flywheel to the crank although the Yamaha Bulletin doesn't say so etc..

He not only kept his cool but even called me from his shop one day around 8PM :) saying that the puller still didn't show up (backordered) so he now is making his own on the lathe(sp?) and that i can get my bike by noon next day!

And of course he didn't charge me the work of lapping.


That was some kind of customer service i've never seen before in the last 18 years.


I havn't seen the actual TSB yet, Does it specify lapping the flywheel?

After several calls, I finally talked my dealership into ordering the parts and calling me to bring the bike in when they arrive. I was ready to just pay for the parts in advance when they finally gave in. Does anyone know where I can get a parts list online? Parts fish (and yam's site) only geos up to 2001. :)

Got the parts list, a whopping $3.12. Thanks guys! :) It's a good thing I didn't take my bike in yet, they still haven't called to tell me the parts were in. I ordered a muffler insert from them and it sat there for three days before they finally told me that it was in (when I called to check on something else). One of my riding buddies ordered a shop manual from them, they told him they would call when it came in. It sat in the shop for three weeks and nobody bothered to call him. When he finally called them, they admitted that it had been in for a while, but, they didn't know why no one had called him. Everybody out there who works in a bike shop knows what kind of revenue parts pulls in. How the hell these Knuckleheads stay in business is beyond me. :D

April 17 still no parts. Its a good thing I didn't take it in when they told me to. Remember when I said I will reserve judjement? I will never buy anything there again. :)

could you send me a copy of service buletin M2003-007


Me too! Please! :)

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