Is 60W bulb too much for stock stator?

I am looking at putting in a "PIAA H4 Xtreme White Anti-Vibration Bulb 60/55w = 110/100w" into my 2006 WR.

I did some searches on the topic but did not come up with a conclusive answer.

It seems the WR stator has about 60w or so dedicated to lighting, the rest goes to battery charging.

Is putting the 60W bulb in the system too much? What happens if you put too much of a wattage draw on the headlight side of the stator charging system?

Yes, the bulb is too large, you will cook your stator and/or the regulator. Also,. the bulb will be dim unless you are running fast.

Well, that sounds like a bad idea.

The bulb will work great , You should be good to 100-125 watts on the stock system

I have this bulb

It works great for finishing a trail ride after dark or technical riding in the dark.

Please don't think your going to go racing with this light.

The 07 wr has different headlight bulb than the 06

I was mistaken. Stock bulb is a 60/55, you are fine. My bad, sorry.

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