Fuel Screwed!!!

Anyone have a oem fuel screw that they would be willing to sell?




has an entire fuel screw w/ T-handle! It is a 1 piece replacement.


Norm Kouba DOES NOT (did not?) sell the O-ring, washer and preload spring for it.

The 0-ring you may be able to find.

The washer...???

The spring is VERY STIFF and not so easy. I did find one at a hardware store, but it is iffy whether or not it is strong enough to preload the washer and o-ring to prevent a vacuum leak into the engine. Yamaha does NOT sell the pieces individually, rather the whole thing comes a kit.

Good Luck Dude!

I have the spring, o'ring, and washer I just munched the screw installing an extension on it so a stocker is fine. I see Kouba has them with extension for $20.00 with minimum order of $25.00 and free shipping. Anyone know how their service is?



Zipty Racing has an integral fuel screw and extended adjuster with graduations on it ( sweeet), but they don't send the oring, washer and spring either. Good luck! WR Dave.

A while back I did a group purchase from Norm Kouba for ThumperTalk. We purchased ~ 800 > 900 of Norm's T-Handles.

ThumperTalk is high on Norm's list and Norm is high on my list!!

Find someone else who could use a T-Handle and you are all set. Norm has an application for EVERY 4 stroke: KTM, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki.

The T-handle makes adjustments of your fuel screw WHILE SITTING IN THE SADDLE an absolute breeze!

Tell him Kevin from ThumperTalk sent you!!

XC800- drop Norm an email, he may be willing to work something out with you for just 1 screw. The same thing happened to me, which is why I bought a Kouba. Luckily for me, Norm was only a few hours away from me, and I just drove up to Boise and picked up a screw at the dealer up there. Good luck!


I offered him $25.00 for 1(still seems reasonable) My email was answered quickly saying it will be shipped today. :)


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