"Smell my tailpipe"?! :):D You've got a unique way of making friends! :D

By the way, Levy1, I got desperate and made my own "poor-man's" shorter kickstarter: I just heated it up at the big bend and gently bent the footrest 90 degrees down. Sounds weird, but it is @ 1 1/2 inches shorter AND gives my foot a larger kicking area (I initially intended to cut the downturned footrest part off, but I like it!)

Wouldn't be necessary if I had better/more flexible hip joints, but it does work!

CNACC, you must also factor in altitude for your octane requirements. Your bike (and mine) has a considerably lower compression ratio in Denver because because the air density is lower. By the time you get up to Salida or even Red Cone @ 12,998 feet, it's even lower.

I have tried everything from 87 to 91 octane and haven't noticed any difference in performance. Same with my buddies XR650R. We typically ride at 8,000+ feet.

You can even see there is a diffence in our octane rating designations compared to sea level. Our lowest is 85 octane, mid is typically 87 and high is 89. At sea level, lowest is 87, mid is 89 and high is 91. We get charged higher rates for the same fuel.


vmaxcbr900wr426, I never even thought about compression and air density before :) It hurts my head. That’s why I keep coming back here the brain trust. :D , so do you think we don't need as high an octane at higher elevation?

Levy1, do you have a brother in Pueblo, the last time I was at the track some guy kept smelling peoples exhaust :D He said he liked it?

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