Carb sleeves

Where can I get the (?) stainless steel carb sleeves for my 426?

not sure wot your looking for but it maybe james now go to search at top of page put in james now and take a look.

I do hope i have got this sorted for you if not i hope you find it here somewhere.



I was looking at your sig...what are you jetted at? I toggled my gray wire also so I could see if I liked it and when I am toggled to YZ mapping it runs like crap, popping and sputtering and stuff. Chances are we ride similar altitudes. Did you have to rejet from WR to YZ mapping?


Is this WR450 we are talking about ? If so, are you toggling to the YZ spec while the bike is running ? If so, then the CDI is not performing to YZ spec. You have to be in the YZ spec (grey wire cut mode) before you start the bike. The CDI is looking for a grey wire ground condition when it starts in the WR mode. If it does not see a ground, then the CDI will not drop the voltage to the coil in the middrange (ala YZ). Try that and let me know if you still get the rough midrange. You may need to richen up the pilot circuit due to the increased YZ spec voltage.

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