topeak "panoram" computer

i highly recommend this bike computer.1st,speedo is very accurate[if you program your correct wheel size]me and my buddy[a S.F.police officer]used his radar gun to check. we check at various speeds from 15 mph to 80mph and speedo was never off more than 2mph .2nd, it looks a lot better than sigma computers and with 3 screens all inf you need is right in sight no button pushing to get into different mode while your riding.3rd,this is most important reason to buy panoram.they stick behind there product.a few weeks ago somebody put tree in my way while i was riding and i broke sensor.when i got home i emailed company telling them computer sensor wasnt working and i was going on ride in a few days where i needed odo to navigate by rollchart.the next day i received new sensor and wiring kit.they overnight expressed parts no questions asked and no charge,i didnt even have to send them broken sensor[thank goodness the tree had kept most of it as souvneir]. i have michelin s12 90\90-21 wheelsize 98 wr400f topspeed 84mph gear 14\ buddys 00 ktm 400E/XC topspeed 93mph 14\49 gears. i have had my bike past 100mph twice,but it was in back of my truck both times.

I'm installing mine this week. I'm pretty excited. A buddie of mine found a new way to mount the computer imbedded within his Pro-Taper pad. Very slick! You don't really notice it unless you pay attention. He is a freind of the owner of trail tech and pictures of this install should be on his web site very soon.

Yes guys it is awesome. And Trail Tech sells a kit that includes the Topeak Panoram computer and a fork mount for your particular bike with awesome instructions.

Check it out:

Here is a picture of it installed on a Yami:


:) I'm sure the owner of Trail Tech would be glad to know there are guys out there like Freestyle that submit bogus warranty claims when they hit a tree!

Did you fake an illness and hold a fundraiser to raise money to buy your bike? If you can't afford the sport, find something else to do!

The guys at Trail Tech are great people, who sell an awesome product, and have great service at a CHEAP price.

A replacement sensor is around $15....come'on, give those guys a break.

Just out of much did you guys pay for yours??? Assuming you have one..

i paid $44 for to ecarlsons comment trail tech doesnt manufacture it.i email company that makes the panoram computer.they never ask how sensor broke.they were more concerned with customer satifaction[i guess]."if i want to here someone preach ill go to church"

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geoff i hate to disagree with you but trailtech is not manufacturing the panoram computer and im willing to wagor $$$ on that.topeak[todson inc.] is manufacturing panoram computer for are correct about about one thing the topeak sensor kit is slightly different from the one that comes with trailtech panoram computer,but both trailtech and topeak computer's are identical.same features,dimensions,weight and warranty.i personnally would recommend the trail tech panoram for motorcycle application because it sensor kit looks like its made exclusively for dirtbikes and would be easier to install.i think trail tech is doing great job,but i would think twice before claiming to be manufacture of somebody elses could get i big trouble that why the "patent" was created.anyone that would like to verify the manufacture of the panoram computer call 1-800-213-4561

co-designed referring to sensor wiring kit.further more who is designer has nothing at all to do with being the manufacture.if i designed a shift lever for yamaha does mean i suddenly become the yamaha manufacture.i have question "does trail tech want to go on record claiming to be manufacture of panoram computers"?i cant believe my post praising the panoram computer and the manufacture got turned into this negative debate.i also cant believe your stupid enough make claims that you are manufacturing the panoram cycle answer about stock odo plug no mine did not come with for increment and decrement for enduro racing yes my topeak panoram has those same see my panoram and what it features go to or or where i purchased it to say trail tech is not mentioned as designer,co-designer or manufacture at any of them.

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damn i bought computer to mount on outside of my submarine so fish could see how fast they were i can only use my computer on motorcycle.anyone no of place i can buy external submarine speedo.

Geoff - Thanks for the info. Several years ago the LCD on my Pacemaker was cooked in the sun on a hot day. Hence my question.

By the way, the waterproof Q has to do with limited depths at stream crossings and the NW rains. I'll leave the submarine useage to freestyle.

I recently purchased a Trail Tech cputer for my WR426 and I seem to have a problem with it. I fitted the sensor and bonded the magnet exactly as described in the instructions,set the computer to MPH, set the wheel size as advised on the instrucions to 2205, but the speed indicated is about double the actual speed I'm doing. I haven't contacted trail tech about this yet, as I thought it may be usefull to put it to a few of you guys first.

Anybody got any ideas on any silly mistakes i may have made?

BTW.... I paid $69.95 + $11.00 shipping cost, and also had to puy UK customs and excise £9.63... sounds like i it cost me a bit more than you guys.

Cheers in advance..

you can set computer up for 2 bikes with different ws [bIKE 1 and bike 2]maybe you set ws for bike2 and computer is running in bike1 mode.i recommend setting same wheelsize for both bike1 and bike2.this will only be a problem if your planning on using comp. on 2 different bikes.i ran bike around neighborhood before i programed my correct ws and it seemed to be reading around double my actual speed with the preprogrammed ws setting.

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I had the same experience and found it was still on KPH and not MPH. After going through the setup again it was back to the right speed.

The cheap price quoted was not the Trailtech version with the heavy duty pickup and mounting hardware. This is what sets Trailtechs units apart from the ordinary bicycle computers and their cheap, plastic mounts and pickup. Plus all the positioning and mounting is figured out with the clear instructions so you don't have to second guess the mounting arrangements. I have 2 of them, 1 on my WR400 and the other on a 250EXC and they both are working great.


i agree trail tech panoram comes with better sensor and wiring kit for motorcycle applications.i think im even going to order there generic sensor kit for my panoram[at $24 ill still come out couple $ ahead]i would most likely have bought the trail tech panoram but i never even heard of it until today.i dont think they were even selling it at time i bought mine, roughly 3 months ago.if i had known trail tech was selling panoram and advertising on thumpertalk website i would never of posted topic here.i only posted topic to let everyone know how satisfied i am with my computer and the manufacture's williness to stand behind there product.i figured its least i could do to repay topeak for there great customer service.i hope trail tech guys can understand and appreciate the reason i originally posted this topic.


Frenzy, you are correct Geoff (Trailtech) is not THE "manufacturer" of the head unit. Geoff HAS spent alot of time and effort perfecting the mount and the sensor unit. He is the manufacturer of these parts. He also appears to have recently gotten his own packaging, NICE! I might add.

Symantics...No foul no harm.

Geoff, have you decided on any "motorcycle" changes to the head unit?

Hey, I sent you an e-mail about wheel size for a s-12 and haven't heard from you...

Keep up the good work.


jj, i have 90\90-21 mich s12 on my bike my ws is 2174mm.

Is the unit waterproof? Will the LCD hold up under HOT direct sunlight on a 105 day?

Mucho thankso.


Originally posted by WR400inOZ:

Just out of much did you guys pay for yours??? Assuming you have one..

I have just received and fitted a panoram to my

400exc. I havent received my mastercard statement,

yet, but I think it came to about $160.00aud,

thanks to our fantastic exchange rate. Delivery

took about 14 days. The service from these guys

was really good and the fitting was too easy. The

only problem I had was that the Aus model 400exc

has a different speedo bracket to the US model

and I had to make a bracket to suit. I thoroughly

recommend it


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