Which factory exhaust? (DRZ125)

I am looking for an exhaust for my DRZ125, I just wanted to get some ideas on which one is the best. I need an exhaust to improve power but still have spark arrester, and I still need it to be quiet... Please help fast.....:worthy:

I think the one from engines only is the coolest pipe on the market but that's just my opinion . I don't have one just yet but if the opportunity pops up that's what I'll be after.

ya but is it mighty but silent

The only silent one is the stock one . if you space the spark arester back away from the pipe with a few washers and some longer bolts (controlled leak) it helps but it's certainly not the equal of an aftermarket pipe as far as HP #'s

i dont care about the stock pipe i want an aftermarket anywayse

I have heard good things about the pro circuit exhaust, I like my soup can end cap on the stock exhaust.

none if you wan if you want it quiet. they are all loud as hell. my pc is LOUD !

I like it and i have even repacked it but its loud, they are super close in performance. The engines only super trapp is tunable which is nice and probobly a bit quieter

ya. the bbr d section allows you to put any spark arrester on and the d2 comes with a silencer

I have a spark arrestor in mine and its still loud

the silencer and spark arrester on it are 2 things tho

where can i get a super trapp


k. i will look

I've run both the E Only Super Trap pipe and the PC pipe and both are good. For me the EO outlaw pipe is slightly better. It has larger diametre header, is tunable and in my opinion looks very cool. If you are interested in keeping ther noise down I think the Outlaw is slightly quieter ... do make sure that you keep it well packed.

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