First post! Hello and Thank you!

Hi fellow Thumper owners,

The short intro....

I've just recently started riding dirt and bought my first dirtbike last month 2000 YZ426F, it was a smoken deal as it needed a bit of TLC. Originally i was searching for the 250 but when i saw this one i couldnt pass it up. So i did all my research on this site through the search tool, from the differences on the two bikes to what i should do/check when i buy it... There is so much info on this site i said i'll post when i have a question that has not been answered or after my first ride! whatever comes first.... Yea Im already sore from my first ride on the bike at Competitive Edge MX in SoCal this morning.



The longer version......

So im a long time sportbike rider and former Roadracer and current track rider but for some unknown reason never road a dirtbike... So my buddy invited me to the MX track raving about how much fun it is, so i show up and ride a ttr230 and him on his yz250f... and wow it was FUN and after trying his 250 i was like... IM GETTIN ME ONE OF THESE! :banana: So the search was on, when i found this 426 i just couldnt pass it up.... i searched the forums and found the model to be pretty much bullet proof for the most part, so i picked it up! I searched the forums and downloaded the service manual and went to work... first part i ordered.... a kick stand! :banana: Then started with changing every fluid on the bike, the engine oil was clean and the filter too, suprizingly so was the fork oil... Repacked all the bearings (water proof Maxima grease) most of the bearings werent too bad till i got to the linkage area that is, i ended up replacing 2 down there. Since i had the shock out i figured what the hell i'll drop it off at race tech and then start on the motor. When i had tested the bike it was pretty noisey (clanking) and knew because of the search tool this was beyond normal and that i'll need to check the counter balancer shaft... sure enough it had a few degrees of play, then the serious work started...

Once i got the clutch stuff and side case off i figured since im in here and its apart im gonna do some other mods and preventative stuff. I ordered the parts for the 01 clutch mod and sealed off the oil filter drain hole (the screw was already stripped too) ordered some new bolts and a new straight key, with the new key in there was still alittle play luckily it wasn't on the shaft, it was loose on the gear side, turned out the gear slot was had widened over time and had a stress crack!... ordered some more parts, primary gear and a stainless reusable oil filter.... also decided to make my own straight key .... alot of patient grinding and filing to get a nice and snug fit, i also made it longer so there will be no movements. Re-assmebled with the new parts and started on the valves area, so i picked up a new cam chain some shims, oil, engine ice and well well well what do you know...just so happen there was a nearly new 03 450 exhaust cam on ebay so i figured im in this much already so why not!:lol: So after tripple checking everything and getting it all back together with the help of the free service manual and the search tool, the important stuff was done!. I was talking to my buddy who also is a roadracer and new dirt rider about how cool and easy it was to work on these things and i think he said it best... "yea its like playing with legos" LOL so true... it was really fun!

Now i figured i'd do some cosmetic stuff, they guy had just got new bodywork and graphics and some ASV levers which was nice, although he spray painted the pro tapers bars black to match the Tag upper clamp and cut the bars shorter so it was impossible to get the levers in a comfortable place.... i ended up going and getting some new tapers in black and some pillowtop grips! (nice) Also picked up a new seat skin to match the bike, hey while not get this cool shifter, and radiator cap, and hour meter.... you know how it is... and lastly some race numbers so i can run my former roadrace number (ahhh memories). So anyways got everything on and back together and adjusted to my liking, filled it up with some cheap bike oil and started it up... which was way easier now! :worthy: and noticably "quieter" but still alittle noisey. Let it warm up as i checked everything out for any issues... all was clear, dumped the oil and pulled the filter and the oil strainer from the frame just incase... all clear, put some new washers and put in the good oil, then took it for a test spin... pretty cool. So then today i took it to the track... WOW im slow and outta shape! :banana: but i had a great time and the bike worked flawlessly, even after spinning the rear out from under me :banana: that didnt take long LOL but couple of kicks and kept going.

So basically what im trying to say is dirt bikes are AWESOME oh and this site is an unbelievable wealth of knowledge... all my questions were answered before i could ask... Thank you fellow members!

nice i hope u have fun your going to love that bike

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