Throttle off idle bog problems with PHOTOS!

Ok guys my first post and question. A bit of history...

Im in australia and own a 99 wr400 aus spec bike. I have just rebuilt it with genuine piston, rings and gaskets. Bike has excellent compression, starts on first kick. Before the rebuild i had absolutley no off idle bog, now it has it big time. Also my throttle never got stuck, it always came off throttle beautifully. Now ever since i took the carby off etc to do the rebuild, the throttle gets stuck. I have cleaned out the cable guides with the stuff you're meant to use and made several throttle adjustments with no luck.

Now when i look at the side of the carby i can see a bit of wear on the metal where the throttle bracket hinge is wearing on which seems to be making the throttle get stuck, see picture circled below... any ideas?

Secondly, the black plastic accelerator pump bracket, doesnt appear to do anything when i am twisting the throttle, if you look in the picture you can see there is about a 4mm gap between the metal part on the left and the black plastic tag. Is this right? or should it be touching? cause the accelerator pump shaft is not moving up or down, which is why i think my off idle bog is happening. check the picture circled below...

If anyone can take some photos of their bike or give me some guiding words i would be really appreciative. Thanks guys

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