How do you wash your gear?

I was just in the garage getting my bike ready for the weekend and I noticed that I hadn't washed my gear yet. I always just throw them in the washer just like regular clothes, but I never put them in the dryer. I have found that colors stay brighter and less prone to fade when you hang dry them. Also the gear stays newer looking when you don't tumble dry them. Just my thoughts....


I normally pick my gear out of my gear bag with a long stick and drop it in the washer. no dryer needed!

I also toss the liner from my helmet in there too.

comes out nice and fresh.

Yes, but you can put them in the dryer in a pinch Ie something missed in a side compartment of the gear bag found the morning of the ride :)

I usually wait until it can walk to the washing machine by itself! :)

I really dont know

My wife does it, she dont let me near the washer and dryer I dont let her near the bikes

Works for us


Not quite sure........

All I know is that it shows up in the washing machine somehow!! :)

I have never asked but I am just assuming they CRAWL there because they cant stand to smell themselves any longer!! :D

Wash? :) You mean your supposed to WASH them? :D

Each week when i open my gear bag all my gear has been magically cleaned and repacked properly.

1)Leave the kid on the bike

2)Leave the bike in the pickup

3)Get $20 of quarters

4)Go give the manager of the local car wash something to whine about! :)

Problem washing helmet is trying to fit the thing in the washer. It sounds like a bowling ball in the dryer.


Throwing gear especialy riding pants in the dryer can and will break down the fibers that make up the cloth of the pants,can also melt the platic or ribber coating on them.Just ride them smelly if you forget gives you an advantage and in the woods if you get lost they can locate you by the smell! :)

I wash it on a almost cold setting, normal machine cycle, and the stuff that it is made from it's almost dry when it come out... I have tumble dried on cool a few times overnight, but never use hot, if any of those big plastic panels on your pants shrink, those pants are going to feel funny next time you put them on...

Removable helmet liners are great, and remember to do up the velcro closures before washing, so they don't stick to everything else and collect fluff

Spot of simple green on the boots and hose them down as well, leave to dry and oil ocassionally... (don't nay one ask me if they can use Mobil ! to oil their boots!!)


So what all do you use to keep the leather of your boots supple ??

Lots of wet mud!! :)

I start with all my gear hung over my fence and give it a blast with the pressure washer (Everything) My wife won't let me or my stuff in the house covered in red Ga Clay......My neighbor did complain once when I walked naked from my trailer, up the back deck and into the house...but in my defense it was kind of cold outside and there was shrinkage.......

Bonzai :)

Originally posted by YAMAKAZE:

and there was shrinkage.......

Bonzai :)

Hope that's not why he complained :D:D:D:D


LOL Shrinkage.... a likely story! :D

Sounds like a lame excuse to me. :)



My wife won't let me or my stuff in the house covered in red Ga Clay
Are not you the same YAMAKAZE that posted pics of your bike in the living roo or some room in the HOUSE

Prorities are a great Thing Arnt they :) LOL

Bill...."She" dammit! an Old Maid at that.....

EGO...As I posted at the time, the ol lady wasn't home and I got it outta there just in time...She still hasn't seen the pics....

Thats my story and I'm stickin too it....

Bonzai :)

I wash jersey and pants in the washer. Pads, helmet liners, and other stuff I wash in a large bucket with warm water and a little dish soap. I just plunge the stuff up and down until the water gets dirty and then I hang it on the fence, power spray it off, pop an icy cold one and let my stuff air dry. :)

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