SIDI vs Alpinestars

I've worn out my old SIDI boots and am thinking about buying either the SIDI Force boots or the Alpinestars Vector boots. I'm curious to hear your opinions on both.

Step up a little and get the tech 6 boots. I have them and I can tell you they are the most comfortable boots ever.

The Vectors from what I heard are very stiff and stay that way even after break in. JMHO :)

Step up just a notch more and get the AlpinStar Tech 8's. They are worth the extra $$'s trust me.

Super, Super comfortable. The best!

They even come with a little slipper inside you can wear around the house.

I'd recommend the tech 8's. These boots are by far the most confortable boots ever made. The boot inserts are a real +++, Just drop them in the wash @ wham!! No more stink foot. There like wearing house slippers!! You"ll dig em!!

I will agree with these other guys that Tech 8s are great boots. BUT I wonder if they have worn Vectors. I have both. I think the 8s are probably safer but the Vectors are as comfortable as tennis shoes. Good luck with your choice. Its a tuff one.

I bought new Tech 6's two weeks ago. I tried the Tech 8's and felt that the 6's were more comfortable.

After 30 minutes, they felt like I had been wearing them for years. Best boots I've ever owned.

PowerSportsPro has them online for $199.

In 1983 I was knocked off my bike and recieved a compound fracture (bones completely snaped) Tib and Fib, just above the ankle. The bones didn't heal correctly, so my leg is slightly bent, about an inch shorter and the bone has a lump on the front. I tried about 8 types of boots but non were comfortable. Some were OK on my good leg but all were stiff and if I had to walk upto a mile I think I would be dissapointed. I then tried a pair of Tech 8 and these were perfect on both legs just like wearing big slippers. I could easily walk 5 miles in these and even sleep in them if I had to. I think they might weigh slightly more than others but this could be to the amout of protection on them. I would recommed these to everyone, but thats just my opinion and I have reasons that others probably don't need to consider. I would suggest that you try as many as you can and walk around in the shop, jump up and down and flex the ankles. If you do buy a pair and go off them after a couple of rides just because you didn't spend enough time trying them out in the shop you could end up out of pocket if you decide to buy another type or you could be kicking yourself for a long time.

The guy at Cycle Gear in Phoenix told me that he thought that the Vectors were more geared toward the quad guys, hence the lower height. The Tech 8's were only $50 more than the Tech 6's and I could really tell the difference since I was still recovering from ankle surgery (volleyball injury). The gel liners are awesome! An added plus is that they have a thin metal heat shield built into the inside of the boot where your leg is near the engine. I love my Tech 8's! :)

I don't know about the others but a HUGE plus to tech 8's is alpine stars customer service. They sent me a complete set of straps for free just because I didn't care for the white color and prefered black!!!!!!!! But it was also obvious from talking with them they would bend over backwards to do what it takes to have happy customers. Mark

Don't waste your time with anything else than the Alpinestars Tech 8!! The best piece of equipment I own. Comfortable, light and will protect your feet.

Thanks for the opinions. I've had my SIDIs for close to 10 years and they are starting to show it. They've been the best boots, I really like the ankle padding and overall protection of them. The one thing that I've noticed about the alpinestars is less ankle padding (it's been a while since I have looked at any though). I haven't seen the SIDI Force boots in person, no dealer around here carries them, so that might be a big part in making my decision. It sounds so far like the SIDIs and the Tech 8s are about the same comfort wise. Keep the opinions coming.

This is just an FYI,

I've never owned a pair of Tech 8's, they where the boots I've always wanted for more than 3 years, and with out a doubt would still own a pair in a heart beat.

3 months back, a riding friend of mine got his foot wrapped around the front of his peg by a good sized root sticking out the side of the trail.........needless to say, he had broken a couple of the metatarsal bones in his foot. A little time off, some rehab, and he's all good now, tearing it up as usual :D .

Because of all that, I ended up deciding to buying the Sidi Force Flex SRS this week :) 'cause of their solid soles, I was sold. Seem's to me this is just more good added protection for the trails.

I'm sure, if I was a track rider, I would most definately be going with Tech 8's, they're so comphy :D .....


Dodger :D:D

[ September 19, 2002, 08:37 PM: Message edited by: Dodger ]

I own a pair of SIDI Flex Force boots and love them. I opted for the non-replicable sole model because they are a little more flexible and you can still have the entire sole replaced if necessary. They are just as comfy as the Tech 8's yet offer more protection and are way more adjustable.

Oh yeah, they squeek when you walk.

I just picked up my Flex Force SRS's 2 days ago, but alas, won't be trying them for the first time until Saturday.

Will report back then..........


Dodger :):D

Hey Dodger,

What dealer did you find your boots at?

Have you worn slippers before? By tech 8's. The most comfortable, but spendie. Well worth the extra buck.

The more I read about the Tech 8s the more I like them. I'll have to go by the dealer tonight and take a look at them. The gel inserts sound really nice.

I think you guys are down playing the tech-6 because the 8 cost more.

I think the 6's are the best boot out there. Not just because they cost less then the 8's. Each has it's pluses and minuses but I personally don't like the whole bootie thing and I think the 6's are a little less stiff too.

Hey Wicked......

I got them through my buddy at CO Powersports.......I know, I know, I swore never to spend money there again, but he got them to me for only $285.00..........Couldn't pass that up.

I know that Sun Honda in Thornton carries a full selection of the Sidi's......In the event you need to try them on first......


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