SIDI vs Alpinestars

I have the Tech 6's, they are very comfortable, and I didn't like the booties in the 8's IMO. I got them (tech 6’s) after my cousin's husband put his right foot into the spokes of his front wheel during a crash. The crash tore about half of the spokes out of the wheel, trashed the boot pretty good. :) His leg/foot was fine except for a sprained ankle! This was reason enough for me to get a pair. :D

TECH 8's for SURE! They are the BEST! I have

tried all the rest, and nothing compares, Period!

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first ride today with a new pair of tech 8's. It won't take long to break these puppies in. So comfy :)

I wonder if the local Yamaha Shop would be able to charge these items to my yamaha card.... If i can do that i think i still have a few grand limit left time for some new boots... and maybe some pants..

Got my first ride in this weekend with my Sidi Force Flex' they fit nice :) . No problems with feeling the shifter or break.......felt like I had been wearing them for years. I've never felt so protected........I was easily passing rocks and roots sticking out the side of the trail with wreckless abandon. In case any one cares, I was sold before I bought them, and I'm still sold.


Dodger :D:D


I can't recommend Sidi's as I haven't tried them. I have tried the Tech8's and like them very much. The only problem I have had with them is the velcro stiching being tore. I will have to glue the corner of velcro back on to the boot. Other than that I like them. They are really comfortable and offer good protection. Which, in my opinion, is what matters most.

RockyMountain had the cheapest price at the time of purchase.


I'm very very VERY happy with my tech 8!!! I have had Acerbis and they sucks!

I have Tech 8's and I absolutely swear by the protection they provide. The only problem that I had was the insert in the sole of the boot. I replaced the inserts twice the first summer, then I put Gaerne supercross one piece soles on the bottom and they have lasted 2 summers now and the soles look great. The reason I mention this is that here in Calgary the inserts for the 'Stars cost $4.00 less than the full Gaerne soles. Hope this helps . WR Dave.

I think I'm going to get the Tech 8s. I tried on a pair, huge difference from my old SIDIs. They are very comfy. Another reason I'm going with them is that if I were ever to need replacement parts, I can find Alpinstars just about everywhere, whereas SIDIs are hard to find. Thanks for all the input.

Make sure you try on the Tech 8's, and walk around a while. 2 of my riding bud's bought the Tech 8's, and after the first ride had to sell them. The SIDI's are very comfortable, and i was told Nike built the foot part for them. Both are great boots. I have the SIDI's, and will buy them again.

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