I crashed Saturday and don't remember it !!!

Saturday morning I took the boy, daughter and nephew to ride on a local MX track 20 mi. north of Houston. I remember pulling up to the gate and paying the entry fee, getting the wrist stamp. The next thing I remember is regaining awareness on the exam table at Conroe Regional Hospital greeted by my 2 sisters and a friend. Wow !! what happened. The kids say, we pulled in, unloaded the bikes, hit the practice track and in the first lap, I hit the whoopties and ate it. By the evidence, I landed on my left shoulder and left side of my and head & somehow banged up left middle fingers.

The Doctor, who I don't remember said I sustained a mild concussion and that temporary memory loss was normal. Daaaamn!! Thats scarry !! There is a five hour period of my life that involves riding w/ the kids that I have zero (o) memory of. A guy on a quad helped me up, got started and finished the track back to the truck. Parked the scoot, and started wonering around babbling senselessly. The kids 12, 13 & 15 were sharp enough to reallize that Dad is acting seriously goofy called for help. The track personnell arrived and called an ambulance. The ambulance took kids & I to the hospital where I was examined and Cat Scan. Brother in law & friend picked up the bikes and everybody went home.

My present knowlege of what happened is only what the kids told me. Three days after, Im OK, back to work and mostly normal but memory is still no better. I am very frustrated because I don't know how I went down. Has anyone had a concussion experience followed by temporary amnessia? Whats next ???


I had a similar situation about 30 years ago while in the Army. I got bounce out of a jeep. I landed on my head, got up dusted myself off and wandered back to the barracks. Some folks realized there was a problem when I started asking if someone could show me which car in the parking lot was mine. They took me to the hospital where I was examined and it was determined that I had a concussion. Everything cleared after a couple of hours and all has been well since. At least I think it has. Maybe not and I just don't remember. To say the least, it rattled me for a while.

Tom :)


Same thing happened to me 30 yrs ago. Went over the bars and landed on my face. Was up and talking, walking etc., was able to ride home. Riding buddy said I was as goofy as a loon. I have no memory of the crash. From just before to approx. an hour later, a complete void. I think this common. You need to go easy for a fiew weeks, another shot to the head soon can cause long term problems. Follow the doctors advise and heal well.

> What's next?

Similar story. I'm missing about 5 minutes though. Remember

seeing that I was going to land sideways on the double and

saying to self "This is going to be interesting" Next thing

I remember is getting up off the ground and walking over to

my bike. I was out 5 minutes. 3 broken ribs, concussion,

seriously tweaked thumb, and major back problems.

What's next? Expect to have good and bad days. I'm sure

you feel "fuzzy" and at times disoriented. It'll pass as

time goes on but it's a very strange sensation. You should

be back to 100% within a few weeks.

If nothing else, I'm sure you understand what they mean when

they say somebody got knocked goofy. It's the weirdest

sensation I've ever had.


F6, you are taking this sport WAYYYYYYY too seriously :)

You guys are scaring me.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take care of yourself. :D

Mama Math :D

F6dood thankful for those nice modern helmets heh?

Hang in their :)

Took a hard body slam on my left side. After a hitting a small jump and beginning a left hand turn, my front wheel got caught in the Rut from Hell. This was on my property. The kids go-cart had created a jagged deep rut with rocks for teeth. The front wheel dropped in and was snatched in the teeth of the Rut from Hell. :D

Anyway, I have an incomplete memory of what happened. I remember taking the jump and then digging into the dirt with my helmet. The actual fall and body slam I don't remember. The rocks tore my helmet up (replaced) and I didn't ride for 8 weeks while my ribs healed. :)

About 7 years ago, I was practicing my starts during practice before the MX race. Someone cut the track and ran in front of me. I remember slamming the brakes and going head first into his rear wheel. The nest thing I remember is about half way around the track I was wondering which track I was on. Realizing something was wrong I pulled off the track and had to drive around the parking area to find my truck. When I found it I took my gear off and sit down with a half gallon of gator aid. When my riding buddy came in he ask if I was OK , and I told him I just got confused so I pulled off. He told me what had happened, and said I laid there for a minute or so but got up and hit the track before he and some others, that saw what happened, could get there. He says about every 5 minutes I ask where my wife and son were and he kept telling me they hadn't came that day. I do know the goofy felling. I was not hurt except for the memory and was very thirsty for someone that had only made one start on the bike for the day. Drank that whole bottle of gator aid while I was sitting there. I had also just bought that new Bell helmet, and it was cracked about 3 inches at the top. :)

The same thing happened to me about 25 years ago. I was drag raceing a buddy down a dirt road with a dead end.

There was a pretty rough trail at the end of the road .

I was beatiing my buddy and looked back to see by how much,

when I turned around I was in the trail. I don't remember a thing till 5 hours latter and funny thing is I had a really sore right middle finger too.

back in 88 hit a tire wall at 80 mph" 400 prod at the old westwood track" broken scpula and concucion. for 34 days every time i would squat or neal down i would pass out and wake up in the featal position.

Hey I was there at the track, and I gave you a cold drink, and you promised me I could have your 426 and your road bike, and your truck... don't you remember...? :) When can I come by and pick them up...? :D:D

Get well soon... and take it easy...


Glad your alright. That would have been scary, especially for your kids.

I lost about 12 hours (intermittent blackouts ranging from 5 to 2 hours at a time) of my life through a crash. Three days before my high school graduation (15 years ago) I crashed my RM250 hardcore. I still don't know exactly what happened since none of my buddies were present when it happened. We were able to put it together investigatively based on where the jump was I was taking, where my bike was found, and where the pool of blood was found.

Lets just say I nearly killed myself. I bit my tongue off; not clean off though. My entire bottom row of teeth went clean through my tonghe which was hanging out of my mouth presumably due to the inertia of the endo I was doing. It was being held on only by little strings of flesh here and there (basically where the gaps in my teeth were). Damaged both shoulders and collarbones (no clean breaks though). At the emergency room they went through the standard concussion testing and determined that I had a massive concussion and therefore would give me no drugs for the pain (something about painkillers and big concussions don't mix). Also, due to the extent of damage to my tongue they wouldn't stitch it back together since that many oral stitches typically had a high risk of infection that proved to be more dangerous/painful than letting the wounds heal on their own. So, now I have a mis-shapened tongue and a slight slurr that I didn't have before as well as intense pain when eating/drinking certain acidic foods due to the damaged saliva ducts. I still rode my bike back to the truck and drove myself home all under blackout...now that's scary.

Do I still ride? Absolutely. Am I still fast? I think so. Am I more careful? Definately


You see guys eat it on the track & on TV and think Ohhhh that must have hurt. Not having WRidden hard in over 20 years, its quite another thing to be the one having the track for lunch. Not being able to remember it is yet another. Six days out and still no clearer picture of what happened. I am just thankful that the kids had the presents of mind to see something was WRong and call for help. I'll be back on the track in a couple of weeks and maybe something there will jogg my memory. I have enjoyed all of the war stories. The moral is, concussion is a serious thing, a second blow to the head before the first blow heals can have very serious consequences.

You guys be carefull out there !!! :)

Don't even try to remember, your mind forgets for a reason. I whacked my head learning backflips off a waterski jump when I was 21 and bullet proof. I remember wondering why the rotation stopped and that was it for 2 days. After the backboard bambulance hospital, surgery for a broken nose and bone splinters in my sinus cavities etc.. I remember asking the nurse where my wetsuit was so I could give it another go ( that was 2 days later). Anyway my point is that you can't worry yourself about remembering the past, just be glad you're here to make more memories.

"Experience is knowing alot of things you shouldn't do "

Thats my point exactly.


have to chime in with my story, its short. Woke up in the hospital with my mom looking at me. To this day, I have no idea what happened or what I did that day at all. Its all gone.

I bumped my head pretty good about 2.5 years ago. I was riding up at bear lake with some friends, and I was a bit ahead of everyone else. They found me lying about 5 yards from my bike, on my stomach. They said I rolled over and that was it for 2 days. I lost three hours before it happened, and 11 days (2.5 days in a coma) after. It was a very serious head injury. I had to learn to walk, talk, and think again. I still feel it every day, just sort of dizzy and out of it. I can feel it as I type this. I would have rather broken both legs and both arms. Head injuries are lame. :)

While I wasnt riding my bike at the time, I had a very similar experience snowboarding....

I went with some friends on spring break to CO, to go snowboarding. They have a pretty sweet freestyle area there on the mountain, and I tried a backflip for the first time...

Needless to say, I didnt make the full rotation. About 180-190 degrees of what I should have. Anyways, I was told later that I kept asking everybody if my "Yard Sale" was "cool" over and over.... :)

I still dont remember about two days worth... seems really fuzzy. My long term memory was fine, just those two days. Its gotten slowly better... this was two years ago. :D

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