Please help! Bike too touchy for Wife to ride!!

Hi. I know that's a stupid title, but it's true. My wife wanted to ride my XR650R this past weekend. She has an XR250, but insisted she could handle the "kitted" 650. So, I let her try it out Sunday afternoon. She took off fine, nice and smooth, but when she grabbed an XR250's worth of throttle, she just about lost it! Of course the front end came up, and her neck could be plainly seen snapping back in a rag doll type motion. Fortunately, she had the presence of mind to get off the gas quick, and very very gently apply pressure to the throttle instead of wicking it open like she did. . Anyway, after that ride, she complained about my big XR as being "too touchy", "trigger happy", and "why does it take off so hard?". Hahah. I got a kick out of that. She said she would ride it again if I could do something to make it "less touchy, and more like my bike", said the wife. hahaha.

Please note she has still not ridden my '99 CR500.. I could never be that cruel though....


Do you really want suggestions? why does she think she needs to ride your 650R the xr250 sound prefect for her. That is funny HA HA HA.

Dude, there's a code among riders...NEVER let your woman ride your bike! (Of course, there are 2 acceptable deviations for this rule; 1) to get an insurance claim, or 2) to provide footage for America's Funniest Videos and make some possible cash!) :)

:) That cracks me up. Glad she didn't wreck your ride. I left a friend of mine ride my XR once. I warned him that it pulls way hard if you get on the gas. He promptly cracked into it after a shift into second gear. He left a trench in his yard about 50 feet long as he accelerated up over a small hill and right into a large bush. It would have been a winner on America’s Funniest Home Video for sure.

Oh man that's crazy ! hahaaha . . Yeah, I know I should not have let her ride my bike, but she just kept begging me that day! Of course, there is no way I would have let her if she wasn't already a good rider on her XR250. But believe me, it scared her and she won't be asking me again to ride it. Hope you're bike didn't get torn up too badly in the bush collision!


My wife would never go near my XR650. She has seen me ride and wants no part of it.

2001 XR650R/Power-up.

First of all, chicks that ride dirt bikes in this mostly male dominant activity are really cool. I don't think anyone could disagree with me on that one. Secondly, I'd make sure that it goes faster and pulls harder in the future, so as to deter her from wanting to ride it again. You could install a set of wheelie bars on it just for her! Tell her that the 500 is even worse, but take out a life insurance policy before she tries it. That story is a classic, and goes for anyone wanting to ride a BRP for the first time. Look out, it likes to point to the stars! :)

Every now and then my wife takes the XR for a ride around the farm. She only weighs about 125 but she rides it pretty well. She keeps asking to ride it to work but I don't want to waste my tires on all that nasty pavement :)

Thanks for all the input! Heck yeah, I think that girls who ride dirt bikes are cool too man, I guess that's why I married one! And I agree about her trying my CR500! I don't think there's any chance she'll want to throw a leg over that bad boy anytime soon. haha.


'00 650R, uncorked, fun to ride fast!

'99 CR500, completely stock, fun to scare yourself!

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