Riding Sunday?

Is Stoddard Wells out by Barstow?

Id be into some desert action. even though it will be hot...

I rode elsinore MX track last weekend. it was hot out there but not fry your brain hot.

Plan on riding Sunday in SoCal area, but have noone to ride with. Any one interested in hooking up. I'm in the LA area, I usually ride Stoddard Wells or HV.

I might be interested..if its not too hot.

Hey mmbassa

im going to the TT ride thi weekend or ill go with ya i ushally go out there almost every weekend so keep me in mind and drop a line anytime

a good spot to go.......exit bellmountain(says no OHV) but there is , you need to head east about 5 miles then the road turns to dirt then anohter 4 miles and finda spot to stage........KK

I usually go every other week,so next time I head out there I'll keep you in mind, since I can't seem to get anyone to go except for asking complete strangers.


same here. All my friends ride motocross and dont want to come out to the dez to ride so its pretty cool to find people here that want to get together.

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