Engine oil leaking from where???

I have a problem that is yet to be solved.

My 98 WR400 is leaking engine oil.

Its coming mostly from near the swingarm area.

Its also showing up in my airbox breather tube.

Its making my rear brake pads/rotors useless, not to mention my rear wheels/underside of my rear fender is practically covered with oil.

At first i assumed it was access engine oil when i had my oil changed. Then i had the bike washed down and all was fine and i rode as per normal.

Now its back and worse than ever. I checked the oil now and its at the halfway mark. Thats when hot.

Any ideas?

Countershaft oil seal??

i'll take a look at it. Sending it to a qualified mechanic this weekend. I'll tell him to check that first.

Thanks hick.


Had to resort to riding a Scoot meanwhile.


Napa sell's this really cool dye that you add to your engine oil. You bascially clean the engine and with this dye in the oil, run the motor like normal. Then, take a black light and shine it in the area of suspect. The dye will turn the oil green and you have a great chance of finding the leak.. Works great.


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