newest project.

Well I'm picking up a new project. Its an 07 yz450f. It didn't have many hours on it, but the ones it did were hard mostly hill climbs and gravel pit riding. As of now its a total waste case. Its probably been over backwards and rolled down a hill about 30 times. It was purchased new in 08 as a left over and the motor blew in 08 as well. It was ridden through deep water then started overheating. From the looks of the rear tire being bald and the rubber all over the fender I'm betting it blew up during a long burnout. There was also some dirt all over the carb slide so I'm guessing it sucked a crap load of swamp mud. I checked all the bearings and they are tight, the rims are straight the frame is ok and the bars are ok. Most of the major items are still in great shape. I will post pics when I get it home. Its going to be a fun project. I cant ride until next year due to injury so i might as well have something to work on. I picked it up for a good price too.

Its getting a new cylinder and topend maybe a crank too.




and all the small hardware that's bent rashed or damaged.

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