New WR 450F 2009

Hi all,

Just got my new 2009 WR 450, first thing was to take the Trollte sop, it really got on my nerves. Second mod is the grey wire, but I cannot seem to fing it. Could anyone please let me know where it is, preferably with some pictures, becasue I dont seem to find it anywhere, Oh, and I habve taken out the exhaust baffle, for a tad bit of extra noise...... Please someone help me on the Grey wire question, as I seem not to find it!!!



It is in one of the two 6-pin connectors under the left side cover. There was only one gray wire under that cover that I could find so there is not much chance of disconnecting the wrong one.

Thank you for the info. Is the result noticeable?

Some guys think it makes a big difference and some say it makes no difference. I personally feel it made a big difference for the better on my '07. For that reason I suggest that you unplugg the wire from the connector and tape it up so it doesn't touch anything. Then you can try it out and if you don't like it you can plug the wire back into the connector. If your bike is jetted correcrtly now then you shouldn't have to rejet for the gray wire mod. Good Luck with the new ride -- :worthy: WR Dave Great pics Krannie!!

if you have a canadian bike. i believe the grey wire mod does nothing.

it did nothing on my 08 WR450F

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