Poker run on Sunday 9/22

Any TT'er's besides Pumpkin Head and I doing the poker run at rampart on sunday? Just curious.


Myself and one other guy are doing it-not sure what time we'll get there though. Should be a good time-great weather...

I'm pretty sure I'll be there. I'm not sure if my riding buddy has healed up from our last MX outing and I don't want to go alone.

Look for a Yz with a Roost Zone sticker on the rear fender.


Where did you hear about the poker run?

I'm going to try to make it now that I heard about it. I have to do some maintainance work on my truck and my bike. Wish I would have known about it last weekend, I wouldn't have procrastinated. When does it start? Is there a link with info on it?

What's up Mad Potter? Haven't heard from you in a while. Last time I was at rampart, I and two of my buddies got pulled over by the sherif and a ranger only one of us got a ticket though. I'm considering licensing my bike now because of the incident.

I got to get my a$$ in gear if I'm gonna make it to the poker run!

I will definitely be there.

Starts from 0900-1100. Last check is 1500.

Went to the Summer one and had a blast. Gonna try and be there around 1000. Depends on my buddies. I have a WR426 with a Roost Zone sticker on back and bullet holes all over. :)

My buddy has a wr426 with a Wolf sticker on front and #69 on sides.

Be sure to say Hi.


I think I can get all maintainance done tomorrow night.

I'll be on an 02 WR with a moose toolpack on the rear fender, gold pro tapers and a GPR stabilizer (no distinct stickers like roost zone). I'll keep an eye out for you guys. A buddy of mine will be on an XR 400 and another on a red and white TT225.

I would love to finally meet some of you guys, face to face. Its too bad we dont all have the Thumper talk stickers, at least we could ID each other.

Maybe Bryan could show up with some freebies!?!?!? hmmmmm Bryan?!?!?!?!

Maybe I will just get some letters and put my screen name on the number plates.

I will be on the 426 with Xtreme, Baja Designs and Uni stickers on the front fender. Pumpkin Head (My Brother) will be on his brand KTM 520 MXC that he bought from Colorado Jim in grand junction.

Should be a great time.


If I can barrow a trailer I might try and make it. Are there any sound requirements? I am currently running stock pipe unplugged. Where does everyone meet?

Are you guys sure you really want to go? I mean after all, the only thing you'll be seeing is the back of my KTM and the rocks it throws. I'm just kidding I have to mess you guys and my brother(Race Mile). BTW Race, you better hope there no hills in this race.

You just keep that up(Racemile) and you'll be picking your bike up by your self all day. And NO I won't ride it the big hills for you.

I know, it's gonna be tough enough to lug your body out of the woods on level ground!!! Much less having to do it uphill! I will probably just end up tying you and your bike to the 426 and dragging you both out!!


No sound requirements but need a sparky. I'll just say hi to everyone with a 426. I'm sure to meet some of yall. There are some real good hills on this course. Some of the small 2 strokes were having trouble in places. Probably just the riders though.

We should be at the Registration line around 1030 or so.

[ September 21, 2002, 02:22 PM: Message edited by: Dan Lawrence ]

I'll be there with a group of 4-5. Should be some super riding. Can't miss me Pink Chest Protector.

2001 Wr426

What a blast! My buddies and I showed up at the registration line around 9:00 and started about an hour later. We rode the short course together then I took off on the long course while they waited at the finish for me. In all, I rode 67 miles including getting to and from my truck to the start and finish line. I saw a lot of WRs there, but none with roost zone or bullet hole stickers. Who rode the short course and who rode the long course? Too bad I only got a pair of nines!

Did you steal my cards? I only had a pair of nines too! I rode the long course! Man am I out of shape, I am soo sore today. I had a hard time driving home, my forearms cramped up bad! I was using the palms of my hands to steer cause I couldn't grip the wheel. It was a great time though. Too bad Johnny Law was passin out tickets for riding on Rampart even if you were just going to your vehicle. My nephew got one.

I'm pretty sore too. Wish I had some muscle relaxers. Wait a minute, I do...a twelve pack of bud! I think anyone who does so many miles of woops is going to be feeling the pain. When did you finish Beav? I was behind an XR 600 part way on the long section.

I finished around 2:30 or so. If it was me, I was probably poking along by then. About half way between check point 5 and 6, I just lost all energy. I had on a gray shirt and black helmet. My Trailtech, newly installed :) , said I averaged 16.9 mph over the course.

We got there about 1030. Rode the Short course, stopped for some mutts and then did the long course. We finished around 1430. I had a weak straight. I think I spoke to one of you with the 2 nines. Didn't win anything at the raffle either. I was sitten next to the Truck next to a bald guy. :D I wanted to talk to the Wr riders but noone was next ot their bikes so I didn't know who was who. I didn't see anyone with the Roostzone sticker.

Great ride. I only wrecked twice. Once on powerline I went thru the whoops too fast and after ragdolling a few times I hit a bush. Smashed my headlight. Near the end of the long course I did the same thing but hit a tree. I took it easy after that. I thought it was kinda funny until I heard about Motoman. Damn. Wakes you up doesn't it. :)


If anyone found my tongue please let me know.

It fell out somewhere during the second loop. :D As usual I went out too hard and fast on the first loop then pooped out on the second. I did the first loop, went back to the truck for lunch then did the second. 75 miles total, averaged 17.4 mph :) Didn't even get back to the start until 4:15, they were already giving out prizes. Oh well, I didn't have anything anyway. This is my body today :D:D:D

Sure was fun though.


I think that probably was you Beav. I got to the finish around 2:30. That last section of the powerline trail was killing me so I pulled off at one of the bottoms and took a quick breather and a drink and an XR 600 went by, could have been you. My computer said I averaged 17.6mph over the whole course.

I saw/smelled an old Husky 2 smoke at the race. I followed him for too long until he pulled over. I think I'm going to get the black lung now. :)

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