Poker run on Sunday 9/22

I think I remember seeing you at the bottom, I think you were off on the right. I was smelling 2 strokes in my sleep. :) Oh well, had a great time.

I regret to inform you that all three of us, did not finish even the short course.

Middle brother dumped it and tweaked a knee, (luckily he had on my brothers extra set of knee pads)and we went back to the truck. I had a lot of fun but Pumpkinhead was a bit under the weather with bottle flu, so, the whoops took a more than average toll on the poor boy. Still had fun though.


OK this was my first Poker run ever and I had a good time but I have one question. If its not a timed race but only luck of the draw, why were some people in such a rush that they're running people off of the road, getting between parents and thier young riders? Is this common in Poker runs. I know I'm not the fastest and I'll pull over when and where I can to let riders go by, but I'm not the slowest and I waited untill slower riders could get over and I would never get between a parent and a young rider. In my opinion they should have made two or three differnt courses. One for familys and beginners, one for intermediate and one for expert or faster riders or am I just being a big ol' Sally. :):D:D

I noticed a few inconsiderate riders also. Some fast riders, like you said were separating parents from their kids. Some slow riders would never pull over.

I think the reason a lot of us were going so fast was because we knew that for the most part, it was one-way traffic minimizing head-on collisions. I would go fast while I could until I came up on a slow rider, then I would wait until they let me by and I would ease by them an wave a thank you.

It would be nice if they could figure out some way to separate fast riders from slower riders. Maybe different start times, same course, just let the fast riders start first.

As I can see by your cards drawn, I did a good job of hiding the aces. I was working check 5, the last check before the finish, with my son. Glad you guys had a good time, most everyone was pretty tired by the time you got to my check. Was a majority of the course all whooped out? After the event, my son and I rode each direction from the check about 8 miles or so. The part immediately before the check was certainly whooped out, but the berms leading into that stretch were big fun!

I agree that would probly work also. I did pull to the side and had one person wave thank you, I didn't see what they were on. Maybe it was you. Anyway I had fun and maybe I'll do it again next year. I do know what you mean about not haveing to worry about head on colliions. I was thinking the same thing until I was on one of many rest breaks, and I seen 4 un-numbered riders heading the wrong way on the short course. You think they ever figured out the ran into the poker run going the wrong way? :)

Woops out the yin yang! I pulled up to your check in 3rd gear and just popped the clutch to kill my bike. I guess I was too tired to find neutral and press the kill button. I don't think anything would have helped my poker hand by your check. From what I heard from the lady at the finish, you needed to have a royal flush to win. Maybe next time I'll fill my camelback with Redbull, then I'll be all hopped up and ready to do the course a second time! :)

I heard a couple of riders saying they were coming through the 2nd time. Don't know if they did the short course twice as well, but sounds like a whole lotta pounding.

I think they could solve a lot of problems by not making you run the short course before the long one. The short course is way crowded. Most people would pull over. I know if I heard someone on my tail other than my buddy we would pull over. I only passed people that wouldn't pull over no matter what. I'm not super fast but doing 5 mph sucks. The whoops got me twice. The first time I was cocky and hit one too fast. The second time I think I was just too tired to soak them up. I'm still sore. Need a new headlight shroud now. :)

I have not run a poker run in several years because of the "race" attitude among those that shouldn't have that attitude. I think I'm about ready to try one again, hopefully it won't sour me on the things again.

Well I'm glad to see that I wasn't the only one that is confused by the RACE attitude of some. All in all I still had fun. My goal next year may be to just finish.

I feel the same way about the "race". I think they did a good job of trying to stress being patient and considerate at the registration area. I only had one issue with one rider, but over all everyone was courteous. Believe me, i know, I got passed alot!! Maybe I should change my name to Pokey Beav.... No wait, this is a family forum. :)

Maybe all of us slow riders should get togather sometime and ride really slow somewhere.

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