Update--Update--Update WCTT2 is Coming


<font color="brown"> Thinking about the attending the 2nd annual West Coast Thumpertalk ride?

Well time is clicking down, and there is plenty of room for all.

Please use this link to sign up for the ride. The sign up is not a commitment; it is not asking for money,

it is simply a way to help us get the proper Campsite.--> Sign Up Here <-- --> WCTT2 Printable Flier <--

<font color="purple"> So if you are asking "what is the West Coast Thumpertalk ride?"

Then read the testimonies of the replies of those that attended last years ride and view the Pics of all the participants.

WCTT-1 Riders -->What We had to Say<--

WCTT-1 Pics -->Witness the Fun <--

Info on the Ride this year

<ul type="square"> [*]Who: Open To all Thumpertalk Members, Families and Friends [*]What: Fun, Guided Rides, Contests, Swimming, Fishing and more [*]When: Friday May 23rd - Monday May 26th *** 2nd Weekend After Mommies Day [*]Where: Forrest Hill, California - Morning Star Camp Grounds 45 min N of Sacramento [*]Why: To bring the community of Thumpertalk together out from behind the screen

Special Note and Instructions:

We have over 14 signed up now with room for 60 in the main Campgrounds,

we will reserve RV spaces for those that need it. We will have direct access to the rear gate

for easy access to forest hill loops. We really encourage you to sign up space will shrink fast.

RV access is first come first serve. NO DOGS unfortunately.

Added Notes:

We have extended invitations to some special VIPs that will be our guests this year, we will announce the VIPs soon but this will be a very special time for us to thank those that support Thumpertalk.


Can we get this in the stickies and please remove / delete the originals.

If you have not signed up yet Follow the link in the first post above.

Here are some of TT members allready signed and ready to go

Comon all get signed up

Eon + one Bud


Rod Wheeler + Son

Tom Maguire, Wife and Two Sons

tim_martin + freinds and will be a Guide

Coach Stopping in Friday to say hello

Mark Bailey






Cory Pollard


Cisco WCTT1 Particapant

FryBoy WCTT1 Particapant

Blue One WCTT1 Particapant

E.G.O.**** WCTT1 Particapant

jschner WCTT1 Particapant

raceinace WCTT1 Particapant

wrmike250f & Son Arron WCTT1 Particapants

One more time

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