Best compliment for a big bore +stroker

Hey guys, I have a 2007 yz450f and am putting a hot rods stroker and big bore kit in the bike that will bring it up to 500cc.

My question is will the bike make decent power with the stock carb, cams and porting? What would be the best mod to help it breath better, get cams or get head work?


It will make some more power, yes, and yes it would work better with more cam and porting. Boring the carb would help a lot, too.

I was more aiming at if you could do one thing between cams, porting or boring the carb which would be the most beneficial?

Porting AND boring the carb would give you the greatest gain. A truly good port job would probably be the best single thing, but be advised, YZF heads are hard to extract power from, and easy to screw up. Be sure whoever does it knows what he's doing.

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