The eco nuts who have hijacked our OHV commission have made it clear they want to take money out of our OHV funds and divert it to conservation and law enforcement. They are using our own money against us from the green sticker fund and gas taxes that support the OHV program. On another note how many manufactures even have or make a exhaust system that meets 96 decibels? Most aftermarket exhaust systems are 100-106 decibels.



Here is another write up on it.


News Release

For energy efficient recreation -California

State Parks on the Internet:


September 19, 2002 (916) 651-8750

Gov. Gray Davis Signs OHV Reform

Supported by Off-Roaders, Environmentalists

SACRAMENTO - Governor Gray Davis has signed legislation that will secure appropriate

places for off-highway vehicle (OHV) users to ride, while providing better protection for the


"This is an important measure that will protect the interests of off-road enthusiasts, while

protecting the interests of California's environment," Governor Davis said.

The legislation, AB 2274, by Assembly Speaker pro tem Fred Keeley (D-Boulder Creek)

and Assemblymen Mark Wyland (R-Del Mar), drew bipartisan support in the Legislature, and

won the support of both environmental organizations and off-road recreation groups. AB 2274

represents the most sweeping reform of California’s off-highway vehicle program in its 30-year


The new law will require that a portion of gas taxes paid by owners of non-registered off-highway

vehicles be earmarked for conservation, restoration of lands damaged by off-road use

and law enforcement. It also increases funding for local law enforcement by directing 100

percent of off-highway vehicle fines and forfeitures to the county/city of origin rather than the

current even split between the state and county/city of origin.

The legislation also initiates a comprehensive strategic planning process to improve the

chances for acquisition and development of OHV recreation areas. It calls for a number of

objective studies to better understand trends in off-road vehicle recreation and the need for

development of urban, off-road sport complexes that could maximize use of already developed

areas while providing youth a closer-to-home OHV experience.

AB 2274 also brings California’s off-road noise emissions levels down from one of the worst

in the nation to one of the best, reducing the maximum decibel level standard from 101 db to 96


Will the last true American to leave California please lock the gate behind them and turn on the electric fence so that those eco nazi's cannot escape any farther inland..... :D

And the hit's just keep on comming :)

Bonzai :D

That sucks big time. :):D:D

On a related note: http://www.e-gray.com

drew bipartisan support in the Legislature, and

won the support of both environmental organizations and off-road recreation groups.

:D Doesn't look like your off-road funds were doing much for you to begin with. Royce Woods must be working overtime... :)

i love the way they make it sound like there doing us a favor.when there really just telling us to "BEND OVER" COMEGETIT.gif

My first reaction is that we are being "escorted" to the reservation, just as Jeronimo was about 115 years ago.

Archive this and bring it back up in 20 years: The plan is to have us riding on a handful of 200-500 acre parcels just outside of town, where we can recreate "unmolested" on land purchased with Green Sticker money. Riding on large open areas of public land will be strictly forbidden due to our extreme detrimental effect on the flora and fauna of the region. Speed limits, helmet laws, noise regulations, tire type and size limits, and even horsepower limits will be heavily regulated and enforced under penalty of fines, imprisonment, and/or confiscation of our equipment and vehicles. Insurance will be required, registration mandatory, and a park entry fee of $75 per day will be collected. Entry fees will be used to mitigate the "damage" we cause to the land and "manage" the trails and tracks. A portion of every dollar will go to the Center for Biological and Recreational Diversity for lawsuits in other states challenging the citizens' claim to rights of use of the public lands for similar activities (and, of course, to assist in setting up similar recreational parks in those states). Eventually, the concept will have been adopted without much opposition in all 50 states.

Think it can't happen where you are? Think your Constitution protects you?

Only if you don't get involved and fight for it.

You would be shocked at how these people view our US Constitution! They are arrogant enough to believe that it is just sitting there waiting for them to change it and re-interpret it!

Please do something to help the cause. Write your elected officials. Oppose this type of legislation which is simply more regulation that limits our Constitutional Freedom.


Is there any way we can do a legal challenge to this? I would be willing to spend a few bucks to help support a challenge. If at all possible, lets not roll over and play dead. If we have to fight, then lets roll up our sleves and fight! At the very least, lets keep it tied up in the courts for the next 20 years! Just my .02 cents. Anybody else game?

You could ask the AMA to help :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Ask for their "Legislative Affairs Specialist", Royce Woods. You'll probably find him selling the farm on your behalf and single-handedly preventing the total ban of off-road vehicles in the U.S., though you may need a "racing license" to buy one. But, hey, " If you can't get it done on his choice of bikes, you should find a different sport." Thanks for the dues! :)

[ September 19, 2002, 11:08 PM: Message edited by: Chaindrive ]

not only are gate fees going to double at all state park ohv's,but the $ is going directly to eco-facists[and there attorneys]to fund there next attack against offroad enthusiasts.how can we win this fight?did you read what new law said about grants?anytime a econazi group needs $ they can say they are going to do a study on how calif. ohv's are effecting the man on the moon.im sure gray davis will be tossing $100,000 grants out to any sierra club affialite.the only way to win this fight is to boycott registration renewal fees.gov. cant give our money away if they dont have it.

Freestyle, now thats my kind of thinking. Don't give them the money in the first place!

im totally serious.what better way to get states attention.a registration boycott would get huge pubicity nationwide.we have great argument why should we pay to register something were not allowed to ride.car registration fees go towards building new highways and maintaining current roadways.ohv registration goes towards closing current riding areas or the funding of laws to limit our access to ohv areas.non-current reg is only a fix it ticket and if we dont pay reg fees there wont be anyone to write citations.since state wont have our reg. money to pay state park,blm and forestery rangers salaries.i know one thing for sure unless we standup and start fighting back soon,we wont have anything left worth fighting for.you can't win a fight if you dont throw a punch good defense will only prolong the inevitable.we need to go on offensive put our state gov. and enviromental groups against ropes for a while.as for states that dont think calif.ohv laws will affect them"think again"the fascist enviromental groups understand once they beat calif.and new york rest of states wont have funds nor political power to protect themselves against there communist ways.

Californians, the simple answer is to not elect Democrats!

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