Tank clearance

Just wondering if anyone has a combination of Fluidyne radiators and an oversize gas tank. What brand and size tank? Was there any clearance problems with radiator discharge?

I have a semi-strange reply to your question.

I just picked up an 03 wr450 that has fluidyne radiators on it. fast forward to me test riding it........it had a fuel leak somewhere that was pretty obvious. I bought it anyway and took it home. I started taking things apart to troubleshoot the problem and quickly found that the tank had melted on both the L and R sides where it touched the radiators. after a bit of research, I found out my 03 had an 05 tank on it (2.6 gal vs. the stock 2.1). not a good combination. I bought an 03 tank off ebay and it fits fine with the radiators, but now my radiator shrouds and seat don't fit my tank.

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