?s on a 08 and 06 450

Well i had a 06 and got a 08 both was new the 06 seem to lug better than the 08 i ride more woods so this is why I'm asking. The 08 seems to have more power to me but i would like it to lug better. Would a flywheel weight help and how much I'm probably going to go with a 52tooth rear sprocket as well. Any advice and opinions would be nice. THANKS

The '08 is softer on the bottom than the '06 was, but it pulls harder in the upper RPMs.

A big culprit is the '08 exhaust (silencer primarily). You can change out to just about any aftermarket exhaust to get back some of the low end grunt. The Dubach racing exhaust is an excellent choice. Also, the '08 has a different exhaust cam that has an effect on this so you could change it out with an exhaust cam from an '06 to get some of the low end back.

DRD SS exhaust system, 06 exhaust cam:thumbsup: Theres a quadrabilliongillion threads on this with tons of useful information. BTW, lets see some pics of the machine:busted: :worthy::banana:

I already have DR.D exhaust and just change the exhaust cam only?

I already have DR.D exhaust and just change the exhaust cam only?

Yep, just the exhaust cam.

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