Virginia Dual Sport Conversion....

Anyone out there had any experience converting to a dual sport title in Virginia?


If you have problems in your state, try Vermont. You do not have to be a resident to get a reg from them. My WR450F paperwork is on the way to Vermont right now from here in California.


Hope you guys have more luck w/ Vermont than I did. I sent all the forms in along with the Yamaha Cert. of Origin and a Post Office money order for the fees. Two weeks later I got it all back with a cover letter saying they'd be glad to register it as an ATV, but not a street legal motorcycle. This was due to the "off road only...etc." statement on the Cert.

They actually did me a favor. I went to my local DMV office & filed out the forms, prepared to plead "ignorance" if it was rejected. Surprise, they processed the paperwork...I have a clean title & street-legal plate.

If they rejected it, I'd be selling the WR & looking for a DR :)


Joisey, Exit Unknown

My Canadian WR450 paper work does not say "offroad" on it. I made sure of that before I bought it. FYI-Called Vermont DMV 3 times and got 3 slightly different stories regarding ATV stickers. The last guy assured me that if Vermont initaily issues an ATV sticker for a bike, that it CAN be upgraded to a license plate after a DOT kit is put on it. Another DMV phone person said no. Very frustrating. I just mailed my request for a plate today. Sound like you got lucky in NJ. What a pain.....

I did it about 6 months ago. Do you have your MSO and bill of sale? Take them to DMV and get a title for the bike. With some luck and the right teller, you will walk out with a title and tags. If not you will walk out with a title that says motorbike instead of motorcycle. I took my motorcycle on a trailer with a new inspection sticker and convinced the teller it was a street legal. They will also have to check your VIN #. If they still will not issue you a tag, you will have to get a state inspector to Ok your bike and then they will issue you a new VIN # and tags. Go to a small town DMV they seem to work with you better. It took me 3 trips to DMV. Any other questions just ask. Good luck!!

Three options:

1. "Affidavit in lieu of title": This allows you to walk into the DMV with only a bill of sale and walk out with a title and plate (worked for my '93 KX500). This is supposed to allow people to rebuild old junk cars so they'll probably refuse a 2003 model.

2. Remanufactured vehicle title: This is for sand rails, custom harleys, kit cars, etc. You get a "kit" from the DMV that includes a new VIN plate. The state police have to verify that the plate is permanently attached and it'll probably need all the dual sport parts installed before that. This is probably your best bet. Let me know if it works - I'm planning on trying it sometime this year for my WR450.

3. Install the dual sport kit. Get a VA safety inspection. If the inspector rejects it because there's no plate (they're supposed to) then ask him to write a note that it would have passed if it had a plate. Take that note (or the pink ticket if it passed) to the DMV along with the MSO, bill of sale, and the bike in your truck. Pick a low-volume DMV and be really nice. Explain that it is now 100% street legal and they just might give you plates. The DMV people have power when it comes to that.

Be persistent but be prepared to fail. The cost of the dual sport conversion may be a loss.

Anyone done one in Ohio yet?

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