radiator cooling fan install

I have had countless people email me and pm so i making this thread so it will help everyone. These are instructions on how i did it. You can change it to better suite your needs.

Parts list

http://www.spalusa.com/. I used the 4in fan part number 30103009.

2 pole switch found at local vip

wire and butt connectors with heat shrink or you can sauter them together

a piece of metal to be used for a bracket.

electrical tape and zip ties.

a fuse with the holder that can be spliced into wiring.


1. remove seat and gas tank to beable to run wires.

2. run wire from the postive side of battery with correct connector to fit on terminal to the handle bars following the other wiring that comes from the battery box to bars.

( i had the fuse wired into the postive side that i kept located in the battery box so it would be out of the elements.)

3. made a connector that would fit the two pole switch for the dash. I had a custom made dash that the switch slid right into.


4. Ran wire from the switch to right side radiator. Attached that wire using another connector that would fit on the other side of switch.

5. Routed the wire down with the others.

6. You have to make a custom bracket to hold the fan to the back side or the right radiator. it will not work on left side due to clearance issues. I made the bracket using the piece of metal. I used two mounting spots the bolt that holds the right shroud to the radiator and the bolt the holds the radiator to the frame. The bracket was an in the shape of an s if looking from the top of the bike. I cut a hole in the bracket making sure that the fan would still have clearance with the tank installed. Do this by bending the bracket to the desired bend and just fitted it to the radiator and held it there with duck tape. put gas tank over and made sure i was able to have room for the fan and mark the holes that needed to be drilled out to beable to attach bracket to bike.removed bracket and tank Drill holes and attach to bike again. this time making sure the bolts line up correctly and that you it fits correctly. Grab the fan and hold it to the bracket finding a good location for clearance. Mark the holes in the fan. Remove the bracket cut holes out. I used zip ties to hold the fan to the bracket. Final product looked like this.



That is just showing you location. That is not a picture of a bracket i am telling you to make. That was the first design that failed. I do not have a picture of the new bracket due to selling of the bike.

6. Install fan to bracket with zipties. Find two connectors that fit the connector of the fan.

7.Run wire from negative side of battery to the right radiator. Using the right connector end for negative terminal. Do not attach to negative terminal yet.

8 Attach the negative wire to the fan connector

9. attach the wire from the switch to other pin of connector.

10. Caution the fan might turn on due to the switch in the on or off postion, touch the negative wire that comes from the fan to negative battery. Find what postion the switch is in when off and on. The fan should come on when the switch is turned on

11. reinstall bracket and tank making sure no wires are squished.

12. reinstall seat.

These are only general instructions on how do it. I am sorry if i went rambling on and for bad spelling. I had the baja design stator mod done on the bike and a trail tech vapor to tell me my coolant temp. This fan set up use to keep my bike from boiling at traffic lights. I cannot take any pictures of the bracket due to i sold the bike. I hope this write up helps alot of people.

ask me any more questions if you got any

thanks roush

Do you have any idea how much temperature drop you would see with the fan on while sitting at the light? Would it get to a certain temp and hold?


did that fan push thru, or pull thru?

It would make most sense to pull thru to me...


pull thru fan it kept the tamp were it was at instead or rising a good 40 d just sitting there. As soon as i started riding again it would cool down almost 20 degrees in just the first couple hundred yards.

bump cause i know i will get an pm about this later. Maybe make this a sticky.

do you need to do the stator mod for this to work?

do you need to do the stator mod for this to work?

I would if it was me...

Plus with the stator mod you have alot more options for upgrading the head light

i would do the stator mod. but i am unsure if you need to do it. i had it done and highly recommend doing it also.

i would do the stator mod. but i am unsure if you need to do it. i had it done and highly recommend doing it also.

IF the fan runs for amount of time, its going to drain the battery pretty fast and the charging system wont keep up (in stock form)

The stator mod IMHO should be a must when adding a fan :thumbsup:

Thanks for the advice! :thumbsup:! I'm not sure if I will need fans to assist in the cooling as I do not not have a WR YET!

i should just make kits and sell them. I had mine on the street so at red lights it was a must

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