Just a small step for mankind and a giant leap for thumper talk! :):D:D:D:D:D

This year I got the bronze but next year, I'm going all the way baby! :)

What means this bronze,silver stuff? I just looked one day and I suddenly was bronze. So what are the categories and how do you get them? It seems to just have started.

Gold Baby... Yeah!

Bonzai :)

Shoot goot post just to find out what color I am?

Instead of listing the number of posts a person has made they just lumped them together and called it a color. Read the FAQ's. It explains them.

Now I know why EGO answers every thread. He is VERY competitive and wants that GOLD. :D

My bad! He is not just GOLD, he's off the charts with a Platinum. :)

We're not worthy, We're not worthy! :D

Platinum, what would that be, like 10,000 posts?

[ September 21, 2002, 02:30 PM: Message edited by: Dan Lawrence ]

gold means you talk much but ride little lol bronze is for guys who ride hah! :):D:D:D

hmmm i wonder what i am

GREEN...... :D

Bonzai :)


If you are gold I definetly think you should be out riding more :):D

Can...almost...reach...bronze...Ohhh, not quite yet.

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