engine swap. help please

okay so my dads lookin at pickin up a yz 426.its got a blown motor.dropped a rod. and he has a 98 yz 400. engine is fine.but frame and suspension is gettin bad. hes the third owner.one of the other two took terrible care of it.hes wondering if he can switch the motors.take the 400 swap it into the 426 chasis.is it possible?

Depends on the year. Up to '01, I think it's a bolt-in. Provisions have to be made for the 400 hot start is all, and some electricals may need to be traded.

In '02, the swing arm changed, which would at least require the steel inserts at the rear hard point to be changed to match.

well heres the years.98 yz 400. and i think a 2000 yz 426 maybe 01

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