suspension sounds?

The rear shock on my 2001 WR426 is making a sort of sound like metal rubbing on metal when its compressed, but its pretty quiet, not screeching or anything. It doesnt appear that any of the frame or linkage is rubbing it almost sounds like its coming from inside. But it just got rebuilt? Does it need to work it self out or something?


the only sound you should hear is a gasp of breath as you leap off the 20' drop away jump! :D

There should be ZERO noise, ESPECIALLY metal on metal! :)

Are you ABSOLUTELY sure it is not your swingarm or linkage bearings?

You could maybe bring your bike to the suspension guy and compress the rear end to allow him to decide...???

I would bet it is the linkage and or swing arm bearings are dry as a sober drunk


the only sound you should hear is a gasp of breath as you leap off the 20' drop away jump!
In my case its usually the sound of my butt checks closing in fast around my ears :)

I hate it when that happens

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Some aftermarket pipes rub on the shock spring....

Like SFO says, me Eseries rubbed on the shock spring unless I re-aligned it.

Otherwise take off the shock, remove the spring and then listen to it. Its got to go back to the guy who built it if it makes a bad noise...think of the bits of metal that are getting worn away in there and destroying other parts!

While you are there grease the swing arm & linkage bearings...but you did that while the shock was out for rebuild, right?? :)

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