new wr 426 first ride water in the oil PLEASE HELP

just took my brand new wr 426 for a break in ride.. took it very easy. brought it home cleaned it, check the oil and it was very milky white. if you know what it might be please help im pretty pissed.. thanks guys

First, the obvious question: Did you take it through any deep water? Second, have you checked the coolant levels in the radiators? Is it low? Do you have any idea where it was when you first got it?

"Brand new" or newly purchased (used)? A bad base gasket might do this. Maybe a waterpump seal. A bad head gasket or cracked cylinder would normally also cause lots of white smoke out the exhaust, so I doubt that. See what your plug looks like. On cars at least, you can often see escaping combustion gases percolating in your radiator when you run the engine w/ the radiator cap off when it is a head crack or gasket leak. Might work here, too.

Did you do the last oil change, or someone else? If not you, do so and recheck its condition. It may take a couple of changes to "clean" things out. Be sure to do the filter. Check your coolant level before and after. If you don't have access to a coolant system pressure tester, take it to a shop that has one. Only takes a couple minutes to test. Let us know. Good luck!

If it was BRAND new, I wonder if some of the assembly lubes might cause it to look milky..?


If it is new from the dealer, take it to them to correct. If not I would guess that the seal behind the water pump impeller is bad. Has your coolant level dropped? Does the coolant look clean, anything floating on top when you remove the radiator cap?

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