XR650R vs CR500

1. So you are saying a stop watch used to time a bike over a given distance is not accurate? Why not? More likely those guys were making excuses because the supposedly "newer and better" bikes weren't as fast. Reading up on open class mx bikes, you'll find they have been de-tuned over the years. The fastest ones (stock) ever made date back to the mid '80s.

2. Totally agreed, these are dirt bikes, so it's a moot point which one has a higher top speed. Still fun to debate, though.

3. "ported and piped". By who? How do we know they did a good job? Maybe it had less power than stock? Dyno runs to back it up? More magazine mumbo jumbo. I hope you guys don't make any IMPORTANT decisions based on dirt bike magazines.

4. I really think the magazine article, and some of you guys for that matter, are a bit biased. I should be biased TOWARDS the 650, but I can't ignore common sense (and science) to tell me the real answer.

I thought back-to-back testing was pretty darn scientific to me... :)

Hey guys, what about this? The XR 650R (4-Stroke) lights fuel only half as often as the CR500. And likewise, the CR500 (2-Stroke) lights fuel twice as often as the XR 650R.

Therefore, The CR500 is Twice as Fast as the XR650R, and produces Twice as much power, AND HAS TWICE THE TOP SPEED! ABOUT 210 MILES PER HOUR!!!

Hahahahahahh Just kidding, couldn't resist.

L.L. :)

I remember one problem w/ riding a 2 stroke 500 around at freeway speeds, if you let off the gas too much for just a few seconds it took a downshift, fan the clutch, or just a long time to get back on the powerband or start really excellerating again. Seems like my 500 would fall off/on the powerband alot. Where as my stock but uncorked 650 just pulls consistently, EVERYWHERE. :)

Very good logic :) How about the old adage " There is no substitute for cubic inches"

First, I'm die hard Honda and had would prefer an equivalent Honda to the bike I have right now.

Since Honda hadn't come out with a CRF450X I had to buy a WR426. My buddy has a XR650R with the basic power up kit and in a drag race, just like the CR500, I can hang with him or beat him 9 out of 10 times. Once we hit close to 80 mph he's gone. If you are looking for a bike that's somewhat in between the CR500 and XR650, the WR's are a good fit.

If you have to have a Honda, I'd look at what type of riding you do most. The XR650R can be a real handful in the tight stuff because of the weight. Out in the open it's awesome. The CR500 can also be a handful in the tight stuff because the power is so abrupt. You can get a heavier flywheel to slow the CR's delivery down a little which helps with the tractability factor. I used to ride enduros on a 1985 KTM500 and as long as you rode the mid range in trees it hauled. Ride in the powerband and you are beat in no time.

Suspension on the XR is pretty soft compared with the CR so if you plan on jumping far, the CR is much more capable. The WR's have very good suspension and even feel pretty good on an MX track.

Damned Honda, I want a CRF450X!!!!!!


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