am i askin for to much?

am i asking to much for my 98' 400f? (1650) Its pretty muck stock, just a white bros e series pipe, pro x piston, and the bars. idk how to post pics on threads so take a look at my avatar

I bought my 05 kx250f in with 110 hours on it for $1900

Your price doesn't seem out of line, just have to wait for the right buyer to come along.

I just got a 99 yz400f for $1600 a few months ago and its all stock.

Last week i picked up a 03yz450f with an fmf pipe, aftermarket cams (i think havent opened it up yet), pro taper bars, a new skid plate, a full set of extra plastics, an new extra 52 tooth sproket, and the suspension had just been tuned. And its in great shape and runs like a beast

Paided $1800 for it.

I got a great deal on the 450 and i'm not upset that i got the 400 for only 200 cheaper.

it was a great bike to learn 4 strokes on and now my wife rides it :worthy:

I got my '02 YZ426 (with brand new plastic) for $1500, but I got a pretty good deal on it.

when i was tring to sell my 99 yz400f 2 years ago for 1600 i paid 1200 for mine and put 800 in it and i couldnt sell it . after being on craigslist for 5 months i ened up trading for a Quad THAT WAS A MISTAKE .

Its not a bad price, If i was a buyer i would offer you $1500. I wouldn't take less than that if i was you. The bikes worth more in hours of fun to sell less than 1500. The problem is nobody buying right now. I have tried to sell 2 bikes and seen several steals just sitting on craigslist for months.

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