Need Advice on which quad to buy for my wife...

Ok, I know what most will say, "Forget the quad, get her a bike." That will not happen, the only thing she wants to ride (besides me :) ) is a quad.

She is a beginner/novice rider and has been on the automatic Polaris quads recently and liked not having to shift. The last time she rode was 10 years ago when she was 19. I think that she would do fine with a standard shift but whatever.

I am partial to 4-strokes and have been looking at 3 models although any other suggestions would be welcome. I want something that will not be way to much for her but decent enough to be able to get through all the sand and whoops here in Michigan.

The first is the Yamaha Warrior. It is more expensive, has a bigger motor and would match my bike (important to her, not me.)

The second is the Kawasaki Mojave. Slightly smaller & less expensive by about $900.

Last is the Honda 300EX in the middle of cost.

Anyone have experience on either of these machines. Pros and cons or any other issues.

Thanks a bunch.

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I was just out with some friends one of witch just bought a quad for his wife. He got a new honda 250x 4 stroke. Nice machine. We used it all weekend when we needed to make a trip to the woods to..aghhh...use the facilities. I like it. She also got the chance to ride a 4wd honda with electric shifting. A ranch something model. That thing is cool. Tons of torque. You wont get that thing stuck.

that is one thing that I noticed that she had a hard time dragin the 250 honda outa ruts or turnin it around. A 4wd would let her drive outta most situations.

I have to say it, buy her a bike. There have been over 10 serious ATV accidents, with 4 deaths (read about it in local paper), and 0 serious dirt bike accidents this year in North Idaho that I know of. My girl friend (23)of two years wants a four wheeler, but I feel that two wheels are much safer than four. Bikes slide out = you fall down, 4-wheelers run or roll ya over. Plus there are many places where the four wheelers cannot go because of width. But, if I was to buy my girlfriend an ATV it would be a Yamaha 400 Kodiak. Its 4 wheel drive, automatic, indepent rear suspension, and very easy to ride. Throw it in 4 low and it will crawl up or down anything.

My first question would be:

How big is your wife and how heavy of a quad does she want rolling over her.

One of my friends rides a Wolverine 4x4 and she is about 100 lbs. They do very well together.

My wife rode a Suzuki LT80 for a wile but no more, she just dont like it.

So its just me, my kids and my grand kids when we do the family ride.


PS Yes I think a bike is safe-er if that is an option.

Lets see I have rode quads for 4 years (banshee) injuries = 0

Since I have been ridding bikes (about 10 years) injuries = broken femur, broken wrist, broken toes, spranges ankle, should I stop??

I love my bike. But I also like quads. I dont own a quad but I still think they are fun. I have always said that it aint the veichle its the driver. a 3 wheeler dont hurt anyone sittin in the garage. Not until a person gets on it. Ya gotta know the limitations of your veichle. Whatever that may be.

I think a quad is fine for a wife/ girlfriend. As long as she knows how to ride it safely.

Believe me I aint one of those (pro quad) guys. You wont see me in the woods or on the track on one. Im gettin to old for the beeting you get on those (if you ride them hard).

Get her a horse. I understand most women like them, a lot. :)

YZman that's the problem with quads,riders feel a sence of security on 4 wheels until it rears it's ugly head and bites them.

Pooly talk her into a bike. A wife on a quad is only going to slow you down.

I went through the same dilemna about a year ago. I ended up buying a Honda 300 EX. 2WD, sporty enough to have fun with, and it had a 5 speed with a manual clutch- which is what we wanted. My wife used to ride a bike, so an automatic wasn't a requirement. We bought a leftover '00 for $4000 OTD. I looked at the Warriors, but they were bigger, heavier, and more expensive. The air cooled Honda, like most all Honda air cooled motors, is bullet-proof.

On the safety side, I too think quads are more dangerous than bikes, but my opinion is tainted. I have been riding street/dirt bikes for 25+ years and luckily have had no serious injuries. I rode the quad, and on about the third time I was riding it, I ripped the ACL out of my left knee. It was my fault- years of riding 2 wheelers has created reflexes, like dabbing your foot, that don't work with quads. Reconstructive surgery is no fun. Trust me.

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