oil filter

Any advantage in using a stainless steel filter over a stock paper oil flter for my wr 450. It cost me $7.00 for a stock filter vs. $65.00 for SS. What is the best way to clean the ss filter?

Are you sure about $65 for a stainless filter? I bought a Yamaha factory filter for 11 bucks.

The deal when I bought my bike was $6100.00 plus every thing for the bike was dealercost plus 10%. Some how that seemed ok to me. Filter cost $12.00.

Ronnie, Yamaha has used metal filters for years. I guess maybe they have changed that now with their new bikes. The stainless work well. I started using them in my KTM as I had to buy two filters. I change oil alot. It was pretty pricy. So I went stainless. I have well over a year on my 520 E/XC now with them and have had zero problems. I've heard of other Yamaha owners re-using the stock metal filters for a year or more. Just clean, inspect and, re-use. It all depends on how long you plan to keep your bike and how offen you change oil. The SS filters will pay for themselves over time. Some folks don't like the idea of having to clean them. To me its no big deal. Takes just a minute or so. I use a hair dryer that I keep in my garage to dry them off after cleaning. For me it beats the heck out of having to buy paper filters in bulk. Just my .02 cents.

I am going to get a stainless filter also. Doesn't Scotts make one?

After doing research on this I found out that all the stainless filters are made buy the same company. Scotts sell them under their name as do the others. If you do a search on the internet for stainless filters you will find several places besides Scotts that sell them. They are all the same and therefore equally as good. Paul

Dont forget that scotts are a sponser of tt and help the forum live


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