Soaking the fiber clutch plates?

I have an 07 YZ450F that I've never changed the clutch in... I haven't had any problems with it thankfully... But I figured it was time.

The local motorcycle shop that sponsors me, and is going to do the work for me reccomended that I soak the fiber clutch plates in oil before we work on it.

I've never heard of doing that.

What's your guys imput on doing that?:worthy:

It can't hurt, and in general I think its a good practice. I used to quickly soak the fibers when I was rebuilding transmissions years ago.

Also if I remember correctly, the manuals (car manuals that is) required you to do this before checking the clutch clearance.

You can soak them overnight in something like an old cool whip container. Just pour in some fresh oil and THEN place the fibers in. This way you can be sure that the oil gets inbetween the plates.

In a pinch, when I have forgotten, I just soaked them as I started the project, before I even started unscrewing the first bolt and when I was ready, just put them in. I never had problems.

Just don't put them in dry and don't beat the hell out of them for a bit until they work in.


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