Is anyone using the CRD Power 2 Silencer / do you like it

I am in need of a new quieter pipe. The BLM/Park Service has just built a new MX track here in the Salida area. They are requiring a decibel level of 98 or lower. I am currently running the stock pipe open, and I haven’t measured it yet I know it will not pass.

I have been reading posts from the search for three days now and I can't find a quiet pipe that every one seems to like :D

So, I am very interested to hear if any one is running one of these on their bike, and how do you like it. Are these pipes as quiet as they claim? The price is right and currently linge racing has 10% off for TT members. If you run this pipe or have seen/heard them in action please let me know what you think. Thanks


So no one is running one of these pipes?????

I think Brian Bosch has one. Check with him

Originally posted by yzman400:

I think Brian Bosch has one. Check with him

Yes I am and I do like it. The bike is quieter, with a nice mellow sound. Down low, the power is clearly better than stock uncorked. The WR has good mid/top power anyway, so I didn't notice as much increase there. Bottom-line, if you ride off-road (outside of desert) this is a nice pipe. I like how tight the header tucks in. CRD includes a new "Y" connector for your coolant lines however, this is why the header tucks in so tightly. The polished finish is sexy and I like the fact that you don't see as many. Right now, it is unique. Go to and click on "ThumperTalk Members" for a special deal.



Bryan Thanks for the info. I ordered the power 2 silencer. They are currently out of pipes for the 2001WR's, but I should get one in early October. I also appreciate the fact that TT offers me the best info/advice available and discounts to boot. Thanks again. :D:):D

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