2004 yz450f

I have a yz450f and Im looking into throwing some money into it. I just bought the protaper handlebars and sunline grips for it today. And i have a huge list of things that i want to do to the bike. only problem is, is it seems like everywhere you go now days people seem to think there parts are made of gold or something. Ive found cheap parts on motorcycle-superstore.com and motosport.com. does anyone have any other good spots on the net they may know of? Thanks for all and any help i get. it is surely appreciated....:worthy:

I have an 05, but I think you need to be more specific as to what you want to do.

I have found some very good deals on e-bay and such (i.e. RG-3 triples, new for $170....)

In general; I have found Rocky Mountain ATV to have good prices.

+1 for Rocky Mountain. I've always found good prices and fast service there. It's also worth checking out the TT store. There's alot of people here that swear by them. Hope you're enjoying your 04 as much as I'm enjoying mine!

+2 for Rocky Mountain! Great shipping and return policy, great to reasonable pricing and anything over 100 bucks is free shipping right now. And you can always google an offer coupon/code for and extra discount! Also the TT Store has nearly everything under the sun for good prices...and if they do not have it, just ask and they will do their best to get it for you.

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