Got my boingers

Got the forks/ shock back today.

First off let me say how unbelievably impressed I am with the finished product. Dave's attention to detail is fantastic.

- wire wheel cleaned and polished fork ends

- everything spotless

- replacement plastic OEM fork protector guides

- axle pinch bolts pre-treated with blue thread-lok

- New front and rear springs

- complete rear shock re-build: bladder and all moving parts accept shaft.

- complete fork re-build, re-stack.

- all old parts returned, cleaned spotless

- shipped sealed in airtight plastic

I put it all back together in 35 minutes, and went for a ride. Just a short dualsport ride with a few dirt detours.

MAJOR upgrade in the forks: even though only a prelim ride, I can now hold a line though rocks and ruts no problem. Before it was a nightmare.

I stopped waiting for a light and FUD-FUD-FUD-FAAAAH...... the motor died, all electrics out. Had to walk a mile back home to get the truck. I must have pinched a wire under the seat and blown a fuse.

More to follow

I can't wait for the "FULL" ride report! This is the service I am considering having done to my '07. I just don't think that I can wait the turn around time that happening right now.

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