what oversize bars for my 450

hi i wanted to switch my stock ranthal bars on my 04 yz450f for a set of pro taper oversize contour bars and wanted to ask a few questions first, as i want to order them in from a shop its a bit hard to test them at local store (price and range is bad). so i wanted to know what type of bend should i get? how do i know this ? should i be focusing on the rise , sweep or what?

there are so many bends on the pro taper site.

as im the tallest rider in the group i want the best bend for my height?

and should i just buy adaptor clamps which allows the fatbars onto the normal clamps or ?

i will also note i have bar raisers on my stock bars

any help appreciated as i have looked for many opinions, reviews etc

thanks will

The only thing anyone will be able to tell you is what kind of bars they like, not what you will like.

How tall are you?

do you like the bend of your Renthal bars. Use that as the baseline to pick new bars.

Like Gray said, we cant tell you what bars you will like..

A lot of guys really like the Pro Taper Windham bend. If you are the tallest rider in the group then they would be a good option (just basing this on what others have done). I had some Windhams on my last bike and likes them a lot.


im around 6 foot 2, i had a look today the local store has the reed in black, windham and pastrana bends in silver. the windham(mid) and pastrana bends seem abit higher and look to be the two to choose from.. does anoyne have the pastrana bends and what they think of them

thanks will

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