Canada Washington State

Can someone help me out. If I purchase a WR426 from Canada and have it delivered to Washington State, what legal hoops do I have to jump through. Ive heard that the warranty will not transfer. What about taxes and registration?

Any help would be aprreciated

I recently purchased an 02 from canada and had no problems.They have no titles in canada and as long as it is off road only and below 750cc it is an informal import.You will have to take the purchase receipt to us customs and they will give you a receipt to give to licensing dept and in a couple of weeks you will get the title.That cost is $9.50 or close to it.Just make sure you get your gst back BEFORE leaving canada,i suggest picking it up yourself.5th gear motorsports in surrey,whiterock is where i got mine for about 4300.00 us pm me if you have any further questions.

Did you ask about a plate? I am looking to get a WR450 next spring, and it sure would help to get a license for road use.

Unfortunately, the Washington State legislature (et al) put a ban on getting these bikes licensed for the street last year. There is a lot of pressure being put on the legislature to reverse this and allow them to once again be licensed, but it will likely be awhile, if ever. You'd be better off getting a bike licensed in Oregon and then transferring the title.

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